Although certain situations can pure make me uncomfortable [and I then end up saying the most cringe things ever due to my awkwardness as a human & dying inside *insert all of the 'Why are you like this? memes here*] I am, I would say, fairly confident. Or at least good at faking it. In many ways. 

A lack of self confidence however, is something I know a lot of people [indeed, many of my friends] find themselves having to deal with - which leads me to wonder what the secret is to becoming a generally more confident person? There are lots of answers to that question, and, of course, different things work well for different people. Different strokes for different folks, and all that. But there are a few common trends which seem to result in greater confidence for the majority of people, and we’re about to discuss them right now in this collaborative confidence post!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

There's that dead wise old saying that comparison is the theft of joy [or something like that, defo don't quote me on it like; cos I ain't no Shakespeare] - and it's totes trueComparing yourself to other people is defo not something I'd recommend huns - although it's something that I, and many other people, are guilty of doing on a regular basis. Try your hardest to not be the person that always compares how you look to how other people look... or how  you're progressing in your career / love life vs how someone else is doing in theirs. This common trait is something you should defo try to let go of, if you want to be more confident.

Try to Notice Good Things First

We're all guilty of doing crappy things from time to time - but on the flipside, we also do proper good deeds that warm our collective hearts sometimes too. We all have good and bad habits, personality traits and other quirks; too. Noone is perfect. And it's important to realise this and to instead, start prioritising good things and noticing them first. Far too many people spend time dwelling on the bad, without even considering the good. Changing your mentality and how you approach life each day can make a massive difference to your confidence.

Loving Your Body

I don't know many people who don't have some kind of body hang-up. Me very much included in that - I'm rancid AF. But undeniably, it’s hard to be confident when you hate what you see when you look in the mirror - plus, your posture and body language often lovingly team up to totally betray you by reflecting this; without you realising. Finding confidence is also about loving your body

You can encourage feelings of self love by treating yourself to clothes / makeup that suit you well & make you feel fierce AF, perhaps setting some fitness goals or even heading to somewhere like Cosmos to discuss suitable procedures. Exercise reduces stress and boosts happy hormones too. Exercise is also great for pain management. Less pain equals more confidence. If you find it difficult to get out there due to pain issues, why not try some alternative medications to get you started, something like Delta 10 THC could be a great start. What you choose to do totes depend on you and your personal preferences, but hun; if it's making you sad and you wanna see a specialist about getting some work done: there's no shame in that. I'm incredibly jel tbh; I'd love a nose job and a bitta work on the boys - but I'm just too skint & too much of a chickensh*t to action this dream.

Make Use of Your Support Network

No matter how small, large, digital or distant your family & friends group is; having a strong, positive support network around you definitely helps in building happiness and confidence. No man is an island [or woman... or whatever you currently identify as; - you do you, boo] and if you struggle through life's tough patches alone & shun ya mates' help during these times; you may regret it later. Don’t let that happen; instead, reach out to others and let them back you up when you're feeling down. It’ll improve your confidence massively & also lead to a lotta lols. Everyone needs a group Whatsapp chat like mine with the girls <3

Find Your Purpose in Life

Bit of a deep one, but having a purpose in ya life that you can focus on each & every day really can make a big difference in your life. Knowing that you have a reason for being & things to focus your energy and attention on each day can provide you with the kick you need to approach each new situation with real confidence. Yaaaaaas.

Confidence is key - those with this trait [or those at the very least able to fake it!] are often able to achieve more & go further in life than those who lack it; as their drive & fearlessness propels them forth in bossing their goals.

If you do struggle with self confidence, it’s definitely something worth spending time on; both building & working hard on to improve. Hopefully some of the points discussed here will help you on this journey!
*Collaborative post
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