Happy Flipping Christmas, Guys!

by Nikki LLL Blog, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone :} hope that each and every one of you had a fab time - no matter how you spent it, what you received or what you could afford to give. I have to be honest - for me, receiving gifts and the feelings this causes in me [happiness? what is this?] is quite hard to deal with; what with my raging Cherophobia.

Normal service will resume on the blog shortly; as you may or may not be aware, I'm also still very much suffering from a broken hip at the moment - so my resources, health and mobility are at an all time low. #TMIFridays will be back with a bang this week and I can't wait to have a proper sit down and read about you guys' festive experiences, what with this mini-break from work! Leave your links below or connect with me via Twitter - big things are on the cards for LoveLaughsLipstick in 2015 and I'd love to take you with me on this journey :}

So I've been a busy little bee the past few days [well as busy as humanely possible for me at the moment] so just wanted to stop by and show you guys a little of what I've been up to. I heart a good list - so here's one for your enjoyment too.
- I took the absolute plunge and booked in for / had my first smear test [and I've defo taken the plunge by leaping head first in with this... do bear with, the rest of my round-ups won't all be so vagina related!!] Not going to go into this too much here.. this is definitely one for a #TMIFriday post ... but if this year has taught me anything, it's to take responsibility for your own health and if something scares you - don't just put it off; you can face it. It's honestly not as bad as you might expect and it could save your life.

- As my pants went down for my smear, TWO of my credit card limits went up ... TopShop's profits have just about tripled this week off my expenditure alone.... 
- ... and so did my Christmas tree. Look how pink it is... Ahh warms the ol' heart. Along with the necklace above, courtesy of TopShop.

- I wrapped like a true patron of Christmas and got my prezzies looking tres festive in their PoundLand paper [I'm never not going to be a cheapskate, even at Christmas. Soz.]
- I dyed the old wig; after being inspired by the beauty that is Cara Delavigne I went a few shades darker for winter. Bleach is on standby ready for the first glimmer of summer sun.
- I sent off my compensation claim forms with about 3427347234 bits of documentation in with it ... hoping on all my luckiest stars that they think I have a case .. even a tenner would be sound what with how poor I am and how badly what happened to me affected my life.
- You might have seen on the old Twitter that I have been obsessing over my AMAZING Rimmel Glitterbomb Top Coat Nail Polish I picked up this week; on offer at Superdrug. I've put on about 23 coats of it and I don't want to stop. It's like a clown has vommed sparkles and glitter all over my nails [in the nicest possible way] and they catch the light like a big old disco ball. I can't get enough of a bitta sparkle - especially at Chrimbo. I went for 021 Bedazzle in the end, but the other Glitterbomb shades are beaut - especially the red and green glittery little number; genuine Christmas spirit bottled.

- I've also been pure perving off Louise from MIC's orangey-red colour of lippy on the show- as well as the one our gorgeous Cara was seen sporting recently. What with my new shade of hair I wanted to give this a go. Some of you lovely tweeps recommended Gosh and Sleek for similar shades in Superdrug after I threw a pondering tweet out - but the ones I had my eye on had sold out - so after spending AGESSSSS trawling the aisles and drawing on my hands with every possible tester lippy, I decided on....

Once again, Rimmel have outdone themselves, with this perfect shade [In love with ginger, shade 660]; for the festive season and LIFE. It's not dead red and it's not dead orange either - it's subtle, it's flattering and I HEART it. Planning on wearing it tomorrow for my work's Christmas meal ... so I might post a few cheeky pics of this little beaut in action. 

Talking of little beauts, I also picked up this shimmery, glowy, pearly AMAZING little palette for the equally amazing price of £2.50 [!!] from MUA at Superdrug while I was there. The colours apply and blend a dream - and they seem to last for a while [although tomorrow night will be the test of time!!]

Have you picked up any festive bargains? What've you achieved this week? As ever, I'd love to know  - and not just cos I'm, nosey :} 
So, as the overly dramatic title suggests; these are my top selection of lippys this season. Let's just dive straight in then.

(from L-R) 1. Mac Lip Lustre in Plumful 2. Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick, Rossetto, Shade 20 3. 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick, in Day-glo 4. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick, 13 Rouge Jet Set 5. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick, 02 Beige Trench 6. TopShop Lip Polish in Twin

In order of the swatches above (L-R) we have:

1. Mac Lip Lustre in Plumful
WHAT'S THIS?! Genuine MAC and not a PoundLand version? Yes dear readers, I shit you not, I actually do own a relatively high end product here. However, I only own it because my younger, richer, label MAD sister bought it for me for Chrimbo last year. Genuinely gasped when I unwrapped it; defo one of the more valuable assets I own, other than the three titanium screws holding my hip together. This fairly subtle shade is one I wap out for more casual wear; daytime or perhaps heading out for a meal with friends. 

2. Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick, Rossetto, Shade 20
Kate. Oh, Kate. I have been wearing this exact shade of lippy for the past 2 or 3 years straight (not literally this very stick, I've replaced it about a million times, like.) Daytime, evening, meals, work, drinks, heading to Tesco for my weekly best basics shop - she does me no wrong. I ADORE this colour. I used to have another, similar shade from Rimmel called So, Kiss Me or Shocking Pink (I think) - but it rolled away under a sofa of yore, never to be seen again. So I discovered this beauty, instead. Thinking about my face without this smeared all over it makes me feel very glum. I heart this lippy so, so much. #TrueStory

3. 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick, in Day-glo
This fab, paler shade by 17 was a bit of an impulse buy during times of yore, when I wasn't so strapped for cash. RIP. Anyhow, it was a bloody good investment, as I wear this most days now. It's not too dark or too much - if it had a woman's name it'd defo be Subtle Sally. A slightly more defined shade than my au naturale lip, this lippy is my daytime shade of choice. I love wearing this with a chunky knit for that rosy, winter look. I'll be honest - cos it's so fab and creamy, I quite often rub this on my cheeks as blusher, too; making for all round facial co-ordination. All round little babe this. 

4. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick, 13 Rouge Jet Set
Everyone needs a red lippy. Fact. It's just a case of figuring out which hue of red suits you best. This nifty little Bourjois lippy is one I discovered in one of my make-up cases and had forgotten about; but is one I'm digging this winter - especially over the festive season, teamed with my red nails. I love having my hair in an updo when I've got red lippy on - don't know why, potench that the inner 50's me is trying to emerge - but this red is red without being like too postbox red. Yeno? I don't hold back on wearing a subtle red lippy during the day these days either - life's too short - so this perfect. Lady in red.

5. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick, 02 Beige Trench
This nudey, vintage shade was a free gift from Bourjois at Boots the other week; and it made me tres emotional about the brilliance of this freebie. Even blogged about it, here in fact. Although the name Trench did initially make me think of trench foot, it's actually a lovely, vintage colour which makes me feel like a successful human being.

6. TopShop Lip Polish in Twin
This is genuinely the darkest lip colour I own and I'm excited to take this for a spin over Christmas and New Year. I see proper dark, plum lippys on other bloggers and they look amazing; but I am a little conscious I might look like Mona the Vampire if I go quite as dark as that, so Twin is a nice compromise. Definitely a dressy lippy for me this; one for a meal, for drinks or for a night out. Excited to channel my inner vamp and hopefully not the inner vampire.

What's your shade of the season? Are you a fan of any of the above? Any amaze recommendations you wanna share?

Comment box is waiting for you below.

And speaking of sharing - get involved with this week's overshare tomorrow - find out about it here.

A regular theme you will soon see to this blog is that 1) I'm pretty much constantly knocking on poverty's door and 2) I am a bit of a sleep deviant. Sleeping me is a genuine menace; turning off alarms without conscious me clicking onto it and getting conscious me into a few scrapes / forcing her to attend the workplace looking like some kind of smackhead. 

Anyway, less of the referring to myself in third person and more to the point. 
I want quick, cheap beauty fixes. And by jove, I've found one.

This little miracle in a tube is Rimmel's Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, in 200 Soft Beige
1. It is genuinely like a lovely, fluffy mousse. Think Angel Delight for the face.
2. It provides amazing, long lasting colour and it applies like a dream. It's not greasy or clumpy and it doesn't put pure mad streaks up by your sideys.
3. Its formula means that its thick enough to even out skin tone and cover up blemishes. Like a lovely facepaint. And my face needs all the coverage it can get at the minute.
4. If you're in a rush, this foundation is the one. I normally apply BB cream, foundation, concealer, liquid concealer and about 234 layers of pressed powder to keep shine at bay [literally though, my fod shines like a beacon.] That's why it's so remarkable that this budget foundation can keep my shine at bay all day. Stay Matte indeed. It saves me many precious minutes in a morning and looks fresh all day.
5. The price. It's £5.99 and I got this tube from Boots, but most supermarkets and pharmacies stock Rimmel so it's easy to pick up.

Have you tried this little beauty yet? If not - pick up a tube today; you won't be disappointed

After everything that life has thrown at me this year - stress, poverty, the end of my close relationship with QuickQuid, idiotic males, lies, broken hips, surgery, blood transfusion, SELF INJECTING blood thinners (!!!!!) and a one off psoriasis appearance - I cannot stress enough to everyone else out there to appreciate what you have. And how much this (copied) image speaks to me.

I'll be honest - I can't wait to conclude the 2014 annual and start a fresh issue and a new page of my life on January 1st, 2015.

But instead of wishing this time away - like me, try to use it to 'wrap up' your year nicely. Close those unfinished chapters, tie up those loose ends and start your New Year feeling content. You can't have a 'New Year, New You' fandango going on, if you've still got major unfinished business with 2014 you. This beef ain't going to disappear alongside your 2014 copy of that calendar you've got on the fridge with the kittens on it. 

I'm not saying you have to achieve miracles this next month. But before you know it, 2014 will be a mere memory, a flash in the pan, a dot on the horizon - so what are you waiting for? Make these last few days magical

If you've fallen out with someone - make up. If you've lost a friend - get them back. Fancy that beaut lad with the facial hair and the chinos in your office? Tell him. Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't expect to roll into 2015 with a fresh life and a list of New Year's Rezzys that you can realistically keep to, if you haven't maintained your life, health and well-being first. Build it, and they will come.

You write your own life story - and who stars in it, what paths you take and your overall well-being are all governed by you. As Natasha Bedingfield (what happened to you, girl?) once sang 'The rest is still unwritten.' Bit of a beast of a tune actually, might have to YouTube that in a sec. Get some pure late night inspo vibes going on.

It's Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year (apparently, although I much prefer summer in sunnies and flip flops) so spend time with your loved ones, love yourself and love what you've achieved this year. Finish off the last chapter of the 2014 issue of your life with bows on (those being the aforementioned loose ends you'll have tied up), a big squiggly signature and a smile.

What will your story hold? Any plot twists you've got lined up for your final chapter of 2014? As ever, the comments box below would love to know more.


by Nikki LLL Blog, December 01, 2014
I will openly divulge to anyone who asks, as well as those who don't, that I am a tight arse. Needs must and all that. Why spend money that you don't have to, or in my case - just flat out don't have? Hash tag tramp'sproblems. 

So it has come as the biggest delight that today, Boots showered me with free gifts. Well, not that free in the sense that I had to spend a little to qualify for said freebies. But just look. And you'll see why words are failing me right now. 

And the best part is, if you log on to Boots online and place an order, you can get these amaze freebies too, while stocks last (and they keep the offer on. So do it. Do it now.) This knowledge is like a gift, from me to you. First day of Christmas and all that. ANYWAY.

Taa Daa.


Free Gift #1: Timeless Elegance Make-up kit, by Bourjois.
What you need to do to get it: Spend £15 on selected Bourjois products on Boots online.
What I did: Bought a new mascara and highlighter / bronzer palette. And was near brought to tears by my excitement.
What do you get: Pretty much a whole new face. 

- Smokey Eyes Trio Eyeshadow #01, in Gris Dandy,
- Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara, in Black,
- So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel #27 in Beige Glamour
- Rouge Edition Lipstick #02 in Beige Trench
- Massive chufties that you've got all this new stuff.

PLUS these ain't no amateur samples, they're all FULL SIZE.

Keep your eyes peeled to see how I rate these products and how I fit them into my daily make-up routine.

Free Gift #2: Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish, from Kate Moss' range. In 114 Mars.
What you need to do to get it: Buy any three selected Rimmel products.
What I did: I'd ran out of foundation and powder and my face was more shiny than Kimmy K's oiled up bum that #BrokeTheInternet. So I bought two new foundations and Rimmel's Translucent Pressed Powder Compact.
What do you get: A fabbity fab FREE nail polish from the Salon Pro range. And these little beauts are the ones with the fat brush, meaning that they are easy to apply and get decent results with. And I mean, I'm terrible at life, so if I can achieve results with these - you guys defo can.

Again a full size piece [even this alone worth £4.99!] At first I thought I might slip this in someone's stocking this Christmas, as a little filler (ooh-err) but then I saw it and fell instantly in love and am defo keeping it. Keep an eye on my Twitter page for a sly update of when this beauty hits down on my nails later. I LOVE a good red nail polish and now it's the festive season I've also cracked out my red lippy - co-ordination nation on my face.

What fab offers have you taken advantage of this year? Any Black Friday deals to shout about? My comment box is dying for you to stick your news in it! 

Happy December everyone,

With it being the first week of #TMIFridays, figured I'd do a double post to get things off to a flying start.

SO, without further ado; let's discuss dangerous UK Hotspots.

Well. When I say hotspots I mean just one specific area of the UK. And also, when I say hotspot, I also mean it literally.

For the past two years, I have voyaged down south to Cornwall / Devon, as a sneaky little staycation. Both times, I have left with third degree burns.

The first of these annual traditions occurred when I voyaged down to Cornwall with my complicated-as-sin-situation male friend and his family. Whilst there, as well as being accompanied by several fights and an intense lack of physical contact, I sat on my straighteners whilst they were on and my pants were not.

To this day, I have the most angriest of scars in a perfect line across my right bum cheek, which even copious amounts of Bio Oil will not make disappear. That's my career as a bum model over - before it even began / had even crossed my mind to do so.

This year, whilst 150% sober, I stood INSIDE the same said straighteners, and burned a similar line on my right foot.

Cornwall also bode badly for me this year in other ways. My friend and I decided to fly there rather than endure a 6 hour car journey. As we were going through customs, I bumped into a classic weirdo [a bird who I used to serve and have AWKWARD conversations with in one of my old retail stores] who naturally had missed me and wondered "WHY WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE?!". As per her old ways, she also spent about 75% of this convo with her eyes darting to my breasticle area.

This seemed to arouse, not only her, but the suspicions of security team. Blates, instead of simply disguising a bit of padding in my bra, I was then suspected of carrying either weapons of mass destruction or drugs in there. I was frisked to hell and back, by an angry lithuanian woman who barked things out like 'I TOUCH YOUR BRA NOW!!!!!!!'

Erm, Ok then... and the classic "SHOW ME YOUR VEET!!!!!"



For a half an hour flight, within the UK, wearing a maxi dress and flip flops, I was vigorously frisked. Whereas, when I'm about to leave the country and head off to Turkey or Greece, noone bats an eyelid. Though having said that, I couldn't complain too much; it was the most action I'd received in WEEKS.

Anyone else had any secret burns or injuries they'd care to admit, other than my branded bottom?

I've been me, this has been a case of #TMI and this is #TMIFriday!! Check out my blog next week for #TMIFridays - My five most memorable dates #JUICY!

SO guys and dolls. It's #TMIFriday. An opportunity / raging excuse to get up close and personal with other bloggers. I personally believe that the best blogs are the ones that are real and show you a snapshot of the person behind the keyboard... no-one likes a keyboard warrior

Or worst still: a troll.

I'm not perfect. I laugh at myself about 12 times a day; usually for being a total IDIOT or for making myself laugh at my own jokes (I like to think I'm the most hilarious person I know.) And I'd never want to pretend to be perfect. I want to balance my blog between beauty and fashion ... and LIFE
I can't be one of these people who adopts a different persona online and makes out like their life is perfect. Cos mine, in all honesty, is a bit of a joke (hence why I'm always laughing!)

I strongly believe that you don't just post the good in a blog; you should post the bad too. EVERYONE just uses social media as a way to make themselves look perfect, don't they. Posting selfies of them at their best, posting how happy they are, about how great their relationship is, how beautiful their new coat is, how stable they are financially....

Don't get me wrong, I've done all of the above too (well... apart from I can't pout for shit & look deranged in most selfie efforts, my relationship is a sham, I can't wear my new coat cos I'm bedridden and my finances are more laughable than my jokes...) but I don't want to pretend I'm perfect. And that's why the #TMI tag is perfect; I can be ME

So until this gets going a bit and we can perhaps host #TMI chats on #TMIFridays and suggest topics for this week's #TMI, then I'm going to launch into this whole heartedly with a good old quiz, copied from FaceyB. I used to LOVE doing these on the 'Notes' application (remember old FaceBook when you genuinely had a 'wall' and your entire page was just filled with apps?) back when I was in Uni; they wasted so much time and I LOVED reading other people's cos they were so NOSEY and often filthy. So thought this would be a great place to start.

If anyone wants me to send them a quiz, I literally filled in about 25 over my time in Uni; so drop me an email or comment on this post with your deets and I'll send one your way. And before you start, check out my post here if you want to know about how #TMIFridays came about - there's some links to some great blogs in there - all of whom are also taking part in this festive friday fun this week!


1. Let's start out blunt, have you had sex in the last 12 hours?
THIS IS RUDE!!! But, as you will soon learn through my general ranting AND #TMIFridays posts, I have recently broken my hip (a whoooooooole other story) which means everything - let alone a dance with no pants - is off the table. PLUS my 'relationship' is a facsimile of a sham (shit) so chance would have been a fine thing. 3 months and counting. Not bitter. AT ALL. Honest.

2. Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow?
Yeah, why not hey. Another day, another dollar.

3. Are you wearing something that belongs to someone else?
Nope. I am wearing men's joggers. But they don't belong to a man; just the men's loungewear collection at Next. Bought these babies with my own store credit, taa very much #PoorPeoplesProblems

4. Where is your cell phone?
Sat next to me, why - you want to steal it?

5. Are your toes painted pink?
Nope and my toenails aren't either; they are currently modelling Rimmel London Velvet Matte in 013 Velvet Touch (which is just a dead posh way of saying 'Nah, they're grey lad.')

6. Would you rather have long or short hair?
Long. Here's a good #TMI overshare for you .. I haven't had a haircut in three years. It's in pretty good nick though ... if you wake up late EVERYDAY and don't have time to style it, the ends NEVER. DIE.  I'm like the Peter Pan of hair, living in neverland. Never, ever can I afford to get my haircut again, on this wage.

7. Would you rather break your arm or your leg?
BIT of an insensitive question after what's happened to me, FaceBook. But I can answer with 100% certainty that I would have taken an arm over this leg situation anyday. I CAN'T WALK, guys. I've not been allowed to shower for THREE MONTHS and I can't get in a bath tub. I have to wash with a flannel and hot water. It's like I'm living in the 1800s.

8. Are you tired right now?
Shattered mate.

9. Do you know anyone that smokes pot?
Yep, I know of quite a few raging stoners.
*LoveLaughsLipstick does NOT condone drug use. Unless they're prescription. In which case - guillltyyyyyyyy #PainkillerPete

10. Would you go out in public, looking like you do now?
YEAH. I've lost all my dignity these days; I used to have so much pride but then I broke a hip in a foreign country and within minutes was non-consensually naked in a room of Turkish (male) medics while I was prodded in all kinds of departments - so not one solitary shit is given these days!

11. Are your friends just like you?
Friends? What are these things? Food?

12. How are you feeling right now?
Tired, hungry, hurty, anxious ... yeno, a mix of all the most desirable emotions :|

13. Your phone is ringing. It's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?
I'd only pick up if it was on withheld and I didn't know who it was. Those northern tones would soon give that fiend away. In which case I'd manage a 'Hello' and a '0-1-2-1-DO-ONE MATE!'

14. How many people do you trust with everything?

15. What was the last thing you drank?
I'm just slurping on a brew at the moment

16. Does anyone call you babe or baby?
Just mates, sarcastically. IMAGINE having someone who thought I was a babe haha.

17. Would you rather date someone older than you or younger?
TBH, both categories are dipshits so who cares. Younger fellas are clueless and the last 'older' boyfriend I had was so patronising; like I was some clueless little egg, that he got BINNED OFF. And the only other like markedly older romantic interest I had was this PYARRRRRR old man (40s) who managed a shop opposite one of my old works and on our joint Christmas Staff Night out we ended up club neckin' and then I ran off texting my mates about fossils. Hahahahahaah #SHAME #JagermeisterMadeMeDoIt

18. Has anyone upset you in the last week?
Yeah, I'm like a tap of emotions these days. I have so many feelings...*cries*

19. Have you ever suspected anyone of cheating on you?
Yeah, I'm para as SIN. Probably nothing to do with the fact that some douche bag I was with kissed someone else right next to me that time. Probs.

20. Ever been caught doing something illegal?
Never properly illegal like; more like sincerely frowned upon.

21. Relationships or one night stands? Relationships. Ones that aren't turd, please.

22. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
YES. I've wanted a little star tattoo on my wrist for approximately 7 years. However, I'm too much of a chicken to get it done. Even after breaking a hip and having surgery and needles galore, I still well up in fear. Need to sort my life out, me haha. Though having said that, if I won't shell out £30 for a haircut and it's been three years, the likelihood of me encountering a spare £30 for a tattoo is as rare as ... well... a really endangered species.

23. How would you look with black hair?
Even worse than I do now. Partially dead probably, what with my complexion.

24. Are you stubborn?
.... as a MULE my dear friends: I am an arse. Or maybe I should say ass here and keep my donkey jokes going.

25. Are you waiting for anything?
A miracle, my friends.

26. What do you usually do right when you wake up?Mourn the end of my sleep and read my phone like I read the morning newspaper.

27. Do you find the opposite sex to be confusing?
Yes. And stupid.

28. Are you afraid of needles?

29. Do you mind sleeping on the floor?
Nah, I'm not fussy; just a massive sleep enthusiast.

30. Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something?
Yeah, all the time. Probably not that normal either, on the whole.

31. In the past 24 hours, have you done something that you regret?
I haven't done anything FULL STOP. And anyway; no regrets, people. You should never regret something that once made you smile, even if it was ridiculous.

32. Have you ever been lied to by someone who you thought would never lie to you?
DAILY #LetDownLarry

33. Do you think a marriage can last forever?
I used to, when I wasn't so cynical. Now I can barely make a relationship last without some majorly dysfunctional breakdown and hatred all round, so starting to lose hope. I think when it's done for the right reasons, yes.

34. Do you get shy around people you're crushing on?
Not so much shy, more like THE BIGGEST GIMP EVER. Verbal diarrhoea... and then some.

35. Do you think that you have changed?
Er yeah. I never thought or imagined I'd be the person I am today, or be strong enough to get through all that I have. When I was in High School getting put down on the daily, I never thought I'd come to terms with my body and who I am. I still get hurtful remarks off random members of the public today, and MAAAAAN that hurts. But my self confidence and my comfort in my own skin has come on leaps and bounds since going to Uni; seriously, screw the debt and just go guys. Best thing that ever happened to me.

There you go. My first #TMI.

What would you like next week's topic to be? Is there a topic of #TMI you'd like to see either myself, or other bloggers cover?

Because this is the first week of #TMI and I've also not blogged as much as I'd like to recently... tonight, as the launch night will see a SECOND post follow shortly... involving third degree burns, my arse and getting frisked. Keep your eyes peeled, or follow me to keep up to speed ;}

As ever, leave your comments in the box below or tweet me.

Can't wait to read your posts ... tag me or tweet using the tag #TMIFridays!

So yesterday, I was thinking about my life and my blog and wondering if my blog truly reflects my personality.  

I mean, it does in that I waffle on (and on) and openly discuss how much of a cheapskate I am, but there's other areas of my life I'm unsure whether I should write about. 

For example, things like the fact that whilst I was in Uni, I was late for class three times as I'd stood in dog poo and had to go home and change my shoes... and that the same thing happened to all my housemates a number of times too; so we'd have to text each other warnings in a morning... and sometimes I'd return home to a line of shoes outside the door which were contaminated. I mean, that's a random example, but you get my drift.

So I posed the question to my amazing Twitter followers: "is there such a thing as 'too much information' when it comes to a lifestyle / social blog?"

The general consensus was NO. We're a nosey lot and the more TMI, the better! The lovely ladies behind these FAB blogs: PaisleyMaySays, DustyPearle, EssaysandWine and RoBoweCop were all very much of the opinion that as long as a blog is true to you (and provided the content posted isn't like pyarrrrr inappropriate) then in fact, the more juicy personal info, the better! 

And I LOVE this. 

As a fairly new blogger, I sometimes worry that the stuff I think I might include in a post might be a litttttle too much, so it was great to hear that a little TMI might actually be really enjoyable to others, as well as a great way of getting things off your chest and truly expressing yourself in your blog. So many times I've gone off on mad tangents and had to repeatedly hammer the backspace button to save my dignity (well, what's left of it!)

So myself and Emma of EssaysandWine (check her Twitter out here) got chatting about this and we (through our utter genius-ness and my love of food) came up with the idea of #TMIFridays (Like TGI Fridays, home of the FITTEST burgers in the world; get it? So punny haha!) 

#TMIFridays would basically work in the way that every week, bloggers can get involved with the #TMI tag and share a little personal information  about themselves which they perhaps would feel judged for if they did so normally; a real chance to be ourselves.

I know that I personally would LOVE to read a little bit of goss about other bloggers' lives and I think that #TMI-ing will also allow bloggers to meet new friends and get to know others better. Cos our quirks, imperfections and the random facts about our lives are what makes us each unique and beautiful <3 Rihanna of RoBoweCop (check her out on Twitter) also declared her love for this idea.. and with this #TMIFridays was born!!

So, this upcoming Friday I dare you to write a post that's a little more about YOU than you normally would. Use the tag #TMIFridays so we can have a good old stalk / read and connect across Twitter

We were thinking of maybe having a different topic of #TMI every week / every other week to perhaps read people's different experiences / opinions on the same thing... or for bloggers to simply have the freedom to use the #TMIFridays tag to write about whatever it is that they want. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear some more opinions and make this crazy thang happen!! 

Leave your comments in the box below or tweet me @love_lippy... let's break the taboo of an overshare and make our connections stronger <3

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