4 Paths Worth Exploring In The Beauty Industry*

by Nikki LLL Blog, June 30, 2021
If you're thinking about exploring a career in the beauty industry, then it’s worth pointing out that there are a lot of paths you can explore here. These are some of the choices you could consider.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working from Home*

by Nikki LLL Blog, June 29, 2021

3 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

There are two types of people: those who enjoy a life free from distractions and thrive in a home working environment, and those who struggle to find the oomph to get up and go. Between the challenges of homeschooling, finding the right workspace, and navigating a working world of Zoom meetings, it can feel impossible to accomplish anything. If you’re struggling to strike the balance between enjoying the flexibility of working from home, and smashing through your to-do list, here are 3 top tips to keep you motivated.

Perfumes Perfect For Summer*

by Nikki LLL Blog, June 18, 2021

 I LOVE perfume. I'm not one of those pure experts who can smell a fragrance and pick out all the notes & tones & that - my feedback normally goes along the lines of "that smells well fit" ... but it's still something I'm passionate about. 

You can tell I genuinely feel strongly about perfume, as I don't resent paying the price on the bottle, and actively avoid knock-offs (yeah I know, not like me at all that is it!) So there's that. Pure, unadulterated passion that; in my eyes.

For those of you who don’t know what a defined body is, it's not the same as being toned. Toned is one way of being defined. Having a defined body is where you can separate your muscle groups, giving your limbs a look that you would find in a neatly drawn anatomy book. It takes a long time to get a defined body and with good reason. Our muscles like to clump together. When we exert energy, tiny rips occur in our muscles. Over these rips, scar tissue tends to linger. This tightens our muscles together and prevents them from separating. To avoid all of this, let’s take a look at what you can do.
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