The majority of global fashion weeks have now been and gone, showcasing all that is to come in Spring and Summer next year. Generally speaking, Spring & Summer are full of runways and shows with quite natural and barely-there makeup. The hair can be quite natural too, with anything super slick saved for Autumn / Winter showcases.

Recent shows have showcased a wide range of trends; showing off a really fun and unique energy. Here are some of the latest beauty trends to be looking out for; are there any that you are particularly excited to try?

Beauty Trends To Look Out For From The Catwalk
I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ABOUT TO ROLL INTO OCTOBER. Where the actual hell has 2019 gone?! Was there even a Summer; apart from that week where it was ded hot & everyone kicked off? I have many questions and very few answers... story of my life tho, tbh.

It's this theme of I swear I blinked and half the year disappeared that leads me on to today's post - my review of the August 2019 'Sunkissed' Little-Known Box*. I swore this only arrived the other day... only I received my September edit this week and realised that no, it wasn't yesterday. It was a month ago. And this post has been chillin' like a villain in my drafts ever since.


So let's attempt to rectify this situation with today's post. An unboxing of Little-Known Box's gorgeous Sunkissed August 2019 curation, with 300,000 photos and lots of declarations of undying love. Standard.

Little-Known Box August 2019 - The Sunkissed Edit, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
With the nights drawing in and the leaves turning on the trees, there’s no denying that Summer is well and truly over. While some of us relish in the thought of cosy nights in and hot chocolates, the rest of us are still trying to cling onto that last little bit of Summer. 

We might not be able to get it here at home but just a short plane ride away and you’ll find yourself in those warmer climates you crave. 

Plus, it’s not all just about getting some well-deserved rest time. There are actually a number of surprising health benefits that come with soaking up some Winter sun. Let’s take a look at just a few of them! 

Why We Could All Do With An Autumnal Holiday
I dunno about you hun, but there's no chance of me getting a mortgage any time soon. My laughable levels of debt are trolling me at every opportunity. 

If you're one of the lucky ones with ya life in order & the owner of your own property - I applaud & envy you in equal measure. As a gal who rents, I can't imagine how exciting the freedom of owning your own place must be.... when it comes to ALL THE PETS YOU CAN HAVE & the amount of cool interior stuff and renovating you're allowed to do. Marble eeeeeer'thang pls

Whereas renting is the best option for me - and for millions of people out there too, it does come with its limitations when it comes to how much you can do with ya place. I can't exactly knock a wall through to build the walk-in wardrobe of my dreams - and I defo can't install the hot tub my life NEEDS without it causing a bit of a scene. 

I can just imagine the person who owns the property I rent reading this post & visibly shuddering at the thought of the carnage I'd cause to their rental [and possibly to myself in the process]... whilst clutching a copy of their landlord insurance policy document to their chest & praying to Jesus that none of this happens!

Today's post contains a few ideas & tips on how to make the most of the space you're renting and have fun with your interior - without getting yourself booted out or giving your landlord a heart attack in the process.

Interior Tips For Those Who Rent
I was lucky enough to get a lil surprise from my huns at Feel Unique recently [you may remember that day I received that amazing bundle of Iconic London goodies from them ages ago & freaked out in excitement over on Insta - & I WILL feature them in a more detailed post soon too... I've just been a terrible blogger, & human recently!] in the form of this Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint*. God that was a long sentence - that's like what it's like listening to me ramble on about cheese & South Park without taking a breath in real life.

At £32.90 a tub it's not the cheapest product ever - but at the time of writing this post, it's actually on offer at Feel Unique for £19.75, and I'm now tempted to try out other items from the range; thanks to the cheeky price-drops they've rolled out across Lumene products on the site tbh. 

But anyway. This stuff is on the more expensive side of life... but it's also ded gud and I'm properly enjoying it, so with this in mind [and how long it's lasting me so far!] it's probs worth the investment. I'll whack a few pics in now so you's don't get too bored listening to me waffle on [bounce rate, yo] and then we'll talk about what it does and that. K? xoxo

he Best No-Makeup Makeup - Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
In a perfect world, we would all be our own bosses. There is nothing quite so liberating as having nobody to answer to and to be 100% in charge of your destiny. What many ‘wage slaves’ don’t realise, however, is that it has never been easier to make this dream a reality. The information age has brought with it lightning fast internet and the ability to work anywhere and do anything at any time. This has led to a major boom in self-employment

Of course, there will always be downsides [chief amongst which is always the lack of paid holidays] but there are more benefits to being your own boss than there are drawbacks, as we will see below. 

It's official: I've become properly heavily invested in home decor. I've stopped investing quite so much coin into Jagerbombs in favour of doing up my interiors and swapped stalking the clothing sections on web stores in favour of the home department. Instead of reading which Geordie Shore girl has fell out of a club and flashed the press this week, I'm learning about new interior trends & home accessories for the new season. 

Am I growing up?

I mean, probs not, but I'm enjoying this lil dabble I'm having when it comes to home decor & interior renovation nonetheless. Which is why I've taken to writing about this kinda stuff on my blog more these days. There's so much I'd love to do, so many interior & architecture trends I'm digging [lol okay I'm an official adult, I don't think I've ever said architecture in my life before now] and so many dream homes I have my eye on for when am not so disturbingly poor.

I want a proper penthouse yeno - a duplex of some form, with a gorgeous glass balcony and glass spiralling staircases; complete with beaut balustrades, LED mood lighting and sleek, minimal decorations. Probs a water feature or 12. A pool. And a hot tub. Pretty much the houses I made every time I played on The Sims. Casual. But a gal can dream xo

Square 1 Balustrade

We are a society that is addicted to 'hacks'. From giving our Ikea furniture a bespoke, expensive look to a swift upgrade of our autumn wardrobe to Marie Kondo-ing our sock drawers, we need these little moments that enable us to feel we're winning at life and getting a quick fix in a results-driven but ultimately time-poor world. Can this mentality be translated when it comes to our looks? Well, plenty of unscrupulous companies are hoping so - you know, the ones out there promising that their overpriced product is the holy grail that your beauty routine has been missing. 

Luckily for you, the real beauty hacks worth knowing can't be found on an Instagram feed being promoted by a reality star. These appearance upgrades work every time and won't leave you feeling conned. 
Online dating - the way everyone seems to meet everyone, these days. Gone are the days where you'd feel pyar ashamed to announce you met ya fella online... even the elderly nation [who can't 'abide' with 'this internet'] are much more accepting of the news you've met your new bae on a dating site [this isn't me speaking from personal experience btw haha, I'm happily single] & partial to a bit of swiping themselves. 

Online dating & mobile apps have undoubtedly helped so many people meet likeminded others [for whatever purpose, no judgement over 'ere like], created new friendships, lead to millions of dates and a fair few long-term relationships / kids / marriages as well. It's just become the norm

On bae watch? Download Tinder. Lonely? Get swiping hun. Wanna meet someone for drinks whilst you're visiting London next week? Get on ya profile

BUT. The fact that so many people use these resources now [despite this being great in terms of choice!] does come with a few drawbacks; which are causing users to seek out slightly different approaches when it comes to finding love online. And leads me on nicely to the topic of today's post.

Developments In Online Dating Habits

London by day can provide wonderful experiences and is always worth visiting, but like many cities, the capital of the UK tends to arguably be at its best during the night time. Here are six suggestions for things to do in London during the night-time hours… 

Since I went rogue, packed me job in and went self employed last year; there's certain things I have learned are of crucial importance when you're trying to create an online presence & develop a sense of professionalism & trust with potential clients. 

I personally am an example of what not to do really, as my business website has been very much put on the back burner... but yeno, I have this one. I'm talking more here about my experiences helping small businesses and start-ups develop their branding & online personas - many of whom have either not had websites at all initially, or had quite basic and difficult to use sites in need of some TLC.

Not only does having a sleek, professional website better define your services and give potential customers a more in-depth understanding of what it is you can offer them; but creating content with SEO in mind and using this online platform to [verbally and non-verbally] communicate your brand's values can also help boost that level of trust I mentioned earlier. In turn, increasing visits & conversions. 

This post in collaboration with - a great resource from which to purchase website designs which would suit most small businesses [regardless of industry.]

The Importance Of Websites In Business*
As Autumn starts to blow in, it always feels like a good season to make a few changes. This can be a time of fresh starts and new interests, before the crazy season kicks in in December. This is why today we are sharing with you a few ideas so that you can try a sprinkle of something new this season.

As someone prone to dropping everything in my possession, spilling drinks like a pro and ruining me own life on the reg; I definitely need covers on my electronics to protect them. For me. From me. Anyone else relate?

I've been lucky enough to get me mitts on these BEAUTIFUL CaseApp goodies recently - which protect my fave pieces of tech from damage [aka me, a human whirlwind of destruction] and make them look insanely beautiful too.

Marble & pink? Sooooo my aesthetic, hun

Today's post is an ode to my new accessories, an introduction to CaseApp, an exclusive 20% off  code valid until the end of this month aaaaaaand a giveaway. Lots to cover, many tears to weep over their beauty and some fab opportunities for you if you fancy a slice of the CaseApp action.

CaseApp Personalised Phone Cases & Personalised Laptop Skins Review | lovelaughslipstick blog
When you find the love of your life, nothing can get between you, right? Wrong! There’s a reason that money is a taboo topic. 

Do you know when’s the right time to be open with your partner about how much you earn and what you spend your money on? How long should you be with them before you tell them everything — that is, if you ever do tell them everything? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone.

When it comes to cash, how much you have and who pays for what can be awkward. To help you have the big money chat with them, here are a few things you can do to make things less awkward… 

LEGIT. Where has time gone recently? Where has Summer gone? Where has my dignity gone? So many questions, so little answers

I'm here today to review July's [yes, it's totes September by this point and yes, whilst we're here - let's just address the elephant in the room & confirm that I am definitely a terrible human / 'blogger'] Little-Known Box - which was their Summer Beauty edit. 

This post is already late enough as it is... so I'm probs going to stop rambling on and questioning my life decisions / ability to adult and crack on with the review now, okay hun?

Little Known Box July 2019 - The Summer Edit Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Little Known Box July 2019 - The Summer Edit Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Kent has long been a tourist hot spot – after all, it’s home to the White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury Cathedral and other notable gems. Its beauty and history aren’t the only things that attract visitors, though. In recent years, the county has become famous for its array of quirky pubs. Whether you seek a colourful cocktail, vintage wine or simply a good old pint, it’s bound to have a bar to suit you.

But which are the best? Where can you get the ham & cheese croissant of your dreams? Where does the finest selection of cakes & biscuits you'll ever feast your eyes on? Commercial waffle mix or handmade with a twist? We explore the top five….

The 5 Quirkiest Bars and Cafés in Kent
I've got so much better at skincare in 2019. I might still be every bit as broke, have miserably failed in my goal to book a holiday & I'm still without my pet sausage dog called Wilson - but I can cling on to my [albeit minimal] skincare education. And that's something. 

I've swatched, slathered on & soaked in soooo many different products this year; it's been great. I've discovered new brands, new releases, new ingredients and new things that work for my skin - as well as a few bits I'll avoid in the future [namely ones that smell like the actual pits of hell or have congealed within about a week into rancid slimes.]

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Summer yet. Or ever. It's gonna be time to promote my reasons why I hate Autumn blog posts soon, before morphing into the miserable, cold season hating crank that I am; but Summer forever lives on in my heart. And no, I'm not high RN... I just love the warmer months that much. K?

Today's post keeps that Summer dream alive for me. I've compiled some of my favourite skincare discoveries from SS19 into this post to share with you - products which yes, are proper mint for use during the warmer, better months of the year, but also totes have their uses during the colder, crappy months too. All round 10/10's. So let's meet them.

Skincare Latest - My Top Picks, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I can't believe it's #OrganicSeptember already... it barely feels like ten minutes since we were full-swing into these festivities last year. #OrganicSeptember - if you're not familiar with the term - is an annual campaign led by the Soil Association; which encourages us to change up our purchasing habits, swapping products & lifestyle choices for organic alternatives

This - in turn, raises our awareness of what we’re actually consuming and hopefully leads to continued changed habits. It’s a great way to promote & educate others about organic food & farming practices. 

Antipodes are an amazing brand to shed light on as part of this month; many of their hero products are certified organic, beautifully luxurious, effective AF and cover skincare and makeup bases. Meaning making a change to their collection this #OrganicSeptember is easy, enjoyable & hopefully one you'll be able to stick to moving forward. This post contains a few suggestions of products you may enjoy; helping give you an introduction to the brand.

Natural Skincare & Makeup From Antipodes #OrganicSeptember Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Nowadays, the most popular sorts of photo are probably the ones you take of yourself. Selfies have been around for a while now, but there’s more to taking one that simply tapping the button on your smartphone and posing. Let’s take a look at how we might inject a little bit more artistry into your self-portraits. 

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