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Lovelaughslipstick is a PR friendly, human friendly and life friendly blog. And me - Nikki, the keyboard warrior behind the screen - I'm pretty alright, too.

If you want to chat, to arrange working together or wish to send me a product for review, drop me a line at with a little more information. Or you can hit me up on my social media channels; it's totes up to you. Either way, I'd proper love to hear from you. There's plenty of ways we can work together to expand your outreach.

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If you're game for a collab, please bear in mind that I will only ever give honest reviews about products. I'm a very positive person and I will always try and find a positive within a negative, but lying to or misleading my babein' readers is not big or clever in any respect. 

If you send me a product I don't get on with, I reserve the right to not write a blog post about it. I mean, this is a very unlikely scenario and it's only happened a few times in my lifetime of blogging, but yeno. Just in case and that.

Whether you fancy Instagram posts, blog posts, social media shout-outs or advertising space [or all of the above!] ; do get in touch! I will endeavour to reply to all communications within three working days. And I appreciate every email. So thank you for thinking of me whilst you write it. Please check out my Media Kit for more information and my current stats.

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If I'm blogging about a product that I've been sent, I'll always let you know. In these circumstances, I will make it clear that the item has been gifted with a disclaimer, pinky promise - and I'll mark it with a * to make it ultra obv.

- 'Collaborative post' typically means an article where a company & I have both worked on the written content and I have most likely been reimbursed / paid for my time; sometimes where I have added in a link to a relevant piece following negotiation with a client.
- 'Sponsored post' is an article I have written myself angled towards the brief of a client and have been paid for.
- 'Guest post' means an unpaid collaboration with another company, blogger or brand; where they have created all content & images
- 'AD' is a paid for piece of content; or a piece which benefits me financially via some part of a campaign

If I'm working on a collaborative, guest or sponsored post, these will have an asterisk in the title & a disclaimer. Any ads will always have AD in the title & contain a disclaimer too.

Affiliate links may be used on this site - in short, an affiliate link simply lets the retailer know that I've sent you to their site and I may get a small commission for that. There's no charge or disadvantage for you if you click one :}

Everything I write is always truthful as sin and I won't try and lead you astray with any false or biased opinions. HONEST.

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