Bathroom design trends set to hit homes in 2022*

by Nikki LLL Blog, May 21, 2022
Key bathroom design trends we will see this year

Bathrooms were once a place just to get clean and keep clean. Now they've been transformed into an oasis of calm, complete with mood lighting and an abundance of natural materials. From relaxing baths to mood-boosting scents, the bathroom has become a place to unwind and refresh - and it's also become a place to show off your design flair.

Bathroom design trends in the UK are set to change over the next five years, with the traditional white bathroom being ditched in favour of rooms that are smarter, stylish, and more fun. Whether you're looking to create the ultimate spa-like sanctuary or a more contemporary space, there's never been a better time to invest in your bathroom and make it a space you can enjoy for years to come.

Bathroom design trends set to hit homes in 2022

Say hello to natural colours and themes in your bathroom

This year, your bathroom space should reflect a tranquil and relaxing area where you can shut yourself away from the world. Trends include luxurious appliances and bathroom furniture with a neutral colour scheme that doesn't detract from the overall feel of your bathroom. Start with your tile choices - are you planning to have entirely tiled walls or just half tiled? Match your wall and floor tiles, so you get a neutral colour palette to work with. Search online for tile stores near me and find the perfect natural tiles for your bathroom.

Now you have chosen the perfect flooring; it's time to accentuate your materials by picking a relaxing secondary colour to go in your bathroom. Soft shades of green are a popular choice, and you don't have to just use this colour on your walls. The colour green offers a sense of peace and harmony - exactly the feeling you are trying to create in your space. Accessorise your bathroom with plants, towels, and wall art.

If green really isn't your thing, why not consider a sky blue instead? Soft, warm blues are an attractive choice for bathrooms as it's an optimistic colour that we recognise with sunny and warm days! Play around with the right choice of blue for your bathroom, depending on the light you have available. The last thing you want is for your newly designed room to end up looking like a swimming pool.

2022 is all about the sustainable bathroom choices

If you haven't noticed, there's been a massive movement in the bathroom design industry towards sustainable choices — and 2022 is likely to see even more of an emphasis on this. We've already seen a rise in more eco-friendly bathroom alternatives, such as bamboo and other sustainable woods, which are taking over from the more traditional materials like oak and pine.

In fact, it's estimated that by the end of 2022, one of the most popular materials used to create bathroom suites will be bamboo. This is already a massive hit in the design market, with many consumers choosing bamboo furniture because it's eco-friendly, sustainable, and also easy to look after. Whether you have a mood board of ideas ready for your bathroom or you need to look for some inspiration, we are sure that 2022 will be a year of luxurious and relaxing bathroom design.
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