2020: That's A Wrap!

by Nikki LLL Blog, December 30, 2020

Christ. Dunno why I've even challenged myself to write this post, cos my lawd this year's been a maddun hasn't it. 

I could come to some pure philosophical, wise and positivity-fuelled conclusion and go full girl-boss-MLM-lifeiswhatyoumakeit on you, but I won't. You can't polish a turd. THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SHITE IN SO MANY WAYS, and I'm not gonna gloss over that and not address the huge BEAST of an elephant in the (metaphorical) 2020 room. I hate the Rona, I hate whoever decided to scran a bat and I hate that these past 12 months have limited so many people; in so many ways (and f*cking killed so many, too.)

AD | The Ultimate Gift This Christmas: Abelini Jewellery*

by Nikki LLL Blog, December 12, 2020

Christmas, the time of year we all get a bit spendy and treat the special people in our lives. It can be hard thinking of new and exciting gifts for someone (especially your bae)... I mean, where do you look to find something they won't have already seen: - something meaningful, memorable and personal. BAH. 

If you're looking to buy ya bird something beaut this Xmas (or perhaps a female relative / friend / colleague - jewellery isn't just for lovers) Abelini Jewellery - a lovely London-based jewellers; offer a range of stunning diamond pieces. 

AD | Vitamin D - Are You Getting Enough?

by Nikki LLL Blog, December 06, 2020

Yes, that title is filled with innuendo and clickbaity-ness. But if you've clicked on to this post because of that, please stick around to learn more about the importance of actual Vitamin D in your diet & lifestyle. 

After the absolute disaster that was 2020, the importance of health and doing what we can to help ourselves remain well has never been more prevalent - so if one of your goals for 2021 is to start a healthkick and treat your body to much needed vitamins, nutrients and other goodness; don't underestimate the importance of the D as part of this. Vitamin D.

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