Spreading The LOVE This #Valentine's With Prezzybox*

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. Whether you're all loved up, furiously single or not really arsed about the whole debacle; now is the season of gift guides & heart balloons floating out of every shop window display. There's no avoiding it.

Am I a fan of the big day? I mean, not massively hun tbh. Maybe if I was in a relationship with someone other than Dairy Milk & YouTube I'd be more fond of it - but I do think it's quite a nice concept. I personally use Feb 14th as an excuse to show my gal pals how much I care for them; and to get all warm & fuzzy looking at all my coupled up friends' IG posts cos be better not bitter.  

I'm very happily single and have literally no desire to be Valentined by anyone but myself - but I definitely love looking at all the cute gifts out there & seeing what people have got for one another. I've totes got my best friend a card which says things like 'Besties before Testes' on it ready to send with a lil pressie in time for #Palentines.

It's mad really - Valentine's Day in school used to be one of the biggest highlights of the social calendar & everyone would be proper wishing the balloon woman would show up with a heart shaped red foil balloon for you during registration [£3.50 each, back in the glory days.] Now I spend my time actively wishing noone sends me anything; as I think if an admirer sent me a gift I'd want to punch them. Ah, the gift of getting older and grumpier each day.

ANYWAY. Back to gifts and fun ideas you can get your bae. Here's some fab ideas from my huns at Prezzybox to give you some inspo. And I don't want to punch them for sending these ones xo

Spreading The LOVE This #Valentine's With Prezzybox
Spreading The LOVE This #Valentine's With Prezzybox

Finding Love Locally*

Are you looking for Mr / Mrs Right? Have you had a few... erm... 'interesting' encounters in your quest to do so? You're defo not alone if so; I hear some mad stories from friends on the dating scene on the reg, ranging from catfishing to some seriously intense IG messages within about 5 minutes of matching.

Using apps or websites that connect you to people all over the UK can be great [due to the number of people you can chat to who you wouldn't ordinarily have contact with] but there's something to be said about dating locally. From saving money to emergency cuddles on tap, meeting someone in the local area definitely comes with extra perks. Let's discuss in this post!

Benefits of Dating Someone Locally
Benefits of Dating Someone Locally

Meaningful Valentine's Gifts | Mococo*

Whether you're single, dating, married or just not really that arsed; Valentine's Day is very much around the corner - and it's the perfect time of year to treat a loved one to something a bit special. Something meaningful, to show them how much they mean to you - that they can treasure for years to come. Or something like that; as a very single pringle [and happily so] I wouldn't know. Can't relate hun 😂

Mococo - a store we're lucky enough to have one of here in Liverpool - is a fantastic shout when it comes to meaningful gifts. They stock some great brands, deliver the most luxurious experience and offer some affordable, reduced prices on some truly gorgeous pieces. And the staff are lovely too - I headed in our local one [in the Met Quarter] before Christmas for a chat and had a ball with the fella at the Thomas Sabo counter.

I've been lucky enough to bag myself a lil collab with them and have picked out two gorgeous pieces to show you guys today. Beautiful picks to gift someone else OR yourself... for any occasion, not just Valentine's. Graduation, Anniversaries, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Christmas... or even just because [again, can't relate, but I hear some blokes are alright at those spontaneous gifts - or at least we're lead to believe they can be sometimes, in those 'boy done good' Instagram posts]

Mococo even sell Vivienne Westwood guys, but like; reduced. AND I CAN'T COPE. So many pieces I need to own asap there. But anyway. This post has been delayed enough. Let's crack on with my post, my picks & my inevitable professions of love.

Meaningful Valentine's Gifts Mococo Jewellery, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Getting Your JOMO On*

We are more than done with FOMO by now. The Fear of Missing Out has been ruining lives and ruining naps for far too long. So, let’s welcome JOMO with big, welcoming arms. 
What is JOMO?

Whereas FOMO is the Fear, JOMO is the Joy. The joy of missing out on all the unnecessary things that we can be invited or advertised to us... but which we don't need, but don’t want to miss out. So, let’s push the need for inclusion aside [slowly, it’s a process] and enjoy doing much, much less. 

'I’ll read my books, and I’ll drink coffee, and I’ll listen to music, and I’ll bolt the door.'
—J.D. Salinger, A Boy in France

Tips To Combat Loneliness*

In this swipey, Tinder-y, world of digital dating we find ourselves in; it's easy to assume that everyone on the lookout for love is a millennial glued to their phone. But although millennials do make up a large percentage of those on the quest for romance, a huge part of the market is dominated by middle-aged-senior singletons... who also use the internet & these modern day advances to find love - and companionship. 

Shows such as First Dates have captured the hearts of the nation with their inclusion of senior singletons looking for potential bae candidates - I can never cope with the more elderly people on there. And it's a reality - much as we don't think of the older generation seeking romance [let alone using dating apps or websites] the truth is that they defo do... and good on them!! 

If you're older - or approaching retirement age, it can be a lonely and scary time; if you're single, widowed or divorced. Whether you have kids or not - or live alone or not... retiring and leaving your workplace full of colleagues behind [as well as your main reason to leave the house each day] can hit older people like a tonne of bricks. I've compiled a few tips in this post; to hopefully help older people combat & beat loneliness in 2020. Whether this applies to you - or to a family member, friend or neighbour; let's spread a little positivity and sense of community today. 

Tips For Older People To Combat Loneliness
Tips For Older People To Combat Loneliness

Gorgeous Valentine's Gifts from Infini London*

I absolutely love roses & swooning over the luxurious bouquets and arrangements I see over on the 'Gram. They have such a high-end aesthetic & I feel like a pure celeb when I have them in my gaff.  There's just something about them, yeno? They're like, the ultimate symbol of luxury - as well as of romance and love.

What's better, therefore, than gifting or receiving roses for Valentine's Day?

Well, I'll tell you what is. Luxury, exquisite arrangements of REAL Infini London roses, that last for a year - so you can keep that aesthetic & daily rose admiration session vibe going for longer. The perfect way to remind a loved one how you feel about them - on Valentine's and beyond.
I'm literally head-over-heels with their luxury arrangements of long-lasting, real roses - the perfect gift for a loved one, as well as to add that coveted glamorous touch to your home... via eco-friendly solutions too #TheGiftThatKeepsOnGiving

Gorgeous Valentine's Gifts from Infini London

Perfect Indoor Date Night Ideas for Couples*

Life is expensive, and [like me] many of us live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. But basically, no matter how broke you are, you don't have to compromise or give up on spending romantic nights with your partner that you love so much.

During times of poverty, you may find yourself needing to make some cutbacks - meaning those lux outdoor dates at your favourite cocktail bar might have to be culled. This doesn't mean that you need to stop having date night with bae though. There's many creative ideas to be explored when it comes to keeping the romance alive - without the need for expensive meals and cocktails! Let’s check out some perfect indoor date ideas to do instead.

2019 Recap: Loves, Life, Lipsticks & That

HAI AND WELCOME TO MY 2019 RECAP, incredibly late. On brand, as ever. 

2019 was an absolute whirlwind, I've been so busy. That's it, that's the end of the post. 

Hahahahahaa imagine, imagine if my 2020 resolution was to post concise, to-the-point & non-rambly posts. IT'S NOT. In fact, I've gone that rogue that I haven't even set any New Year Rezzys. Buckle up, grab at least 2 coffees [& possibly some strong, alcoholic beverages] and brace yourself for what will inevitably be a massive word vomit; all over your screen & all over 2019.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog 2019 Recap: Loves, Life, Lipsticks & That

5 YEARS Of Lovelaughslipstick | #Giveaway

I quite often state that I'm a terrible human - and this post is testament to that. Exhibit A, if you will. Back in October 2019 [yes, I'm aware we're in 2020 now] my blog turned F I V E. Five whole years old. Which is a definite milestone I very much meant to celebrate at the time, but yeno. Life.

I've been putting together a box of goodies to give away as a prize to say thank you for your support [& tolerance of my rancid face / brash northern tones creeping across your timelines] for this half a decade blogging milestone... and I guess now's the time [2-3 months later] for me to announce it & give the box away. As a celebration / New Year / YOLO... better late than never kinda thing.

I've included some of my fave brands, fave products & just general nice-to-have pampering goodies as part of this prize - and I'll continue to add lil surprise items to it until the giveaway ends on the 10th January 2020. So you'll basically be getting a box packed full of beauty bits that's probs worth a few quid like. And even better than the pics in this post. And I'll pop a card in, so you can judge me on my terrible handwriting too.

5 YEARS Of Lovelaughslipstick Blog #Giveaway