Well guys. Well. I've been soooo excited to share this post with you, but The Rona has thrown so many spanners in the works when it's come to getting it out there 😩😂 First of all I was self-isolating due to having symptoms, then all the events I was planning on showcasing these lil beauts to were cancelled and then, yeno - our eventual lockdown kicked in just as my self-isolating finished... which meant shooting these outfits in pretty blossom-filled locations = impossible.

But I [have seemingly already managed to] digress... I should probably start this post at the beginning, before spiralling off on some COVID-19 ramble. And as you may have guessed from the title, today's post is a fashion-based one; featuring some gorgeous picks from one of my favourite occasionwear brands ever; Little Mistress.

If I ever have an important event coming up - say an awards ceremony, wedding or christening, Little Mistress are my GO TO. I adore their dresses - a mix of mini, midi and beautiful floor-length gowns - all beautifully embellished and top quality. Legit I wore a peach, full length Little Mistress dress to a friend's wedding a few years ago, a pink & lilac halterneck LM maxi to another friend's wedding last year and a LM green floor length maxi to a NYE party in like 2014; and all of them - to this day - are in pristine condition. 

Before The Rona, I had a christening, awards ceremony / ball and at least one wedding I was planning on glamming up with Little Mistress for... but now, we'll have to see. In the meantime, I have these BEAUTIFUL dresses I was very kindly gifted from the brand - which I'm fully intending on shooting on me and featuring lots on my socials - but which today, will be featured using stock images instead. AGAIN ALL THANKS TO YOU, RONA.

Dressing For The Occasion With Little Mistress Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Wow, what a whirlwind of madness March has been! It's lasted about 84 years, been filled with horrible COVID-19 news and has seen us all now banished to our homes for the foreseeable future - with rumours of police fining people for buying Easter Eggs 😂 Literally, couldn't write this stuff could you - appaz a load of mountain goats have also taken a welsh village as their own too; amidst all this lockdown panic. The caption on the image accompanying this important piece of journalism was entitled 'The goats are in charge now' and I saw another piece on LadBible which quoted a resident saying that 'I, for one, embrace our new goat overlords' and I can't cope 😂😂😂😂

Aside from all this - and the globe's new obsession with toilet rolls - other things that have happened  recently have included me securing this collab with the very lovely Browns Jewellery - which is what I'm here to share more about today.

Did you know March's birthstone is Aquamarine? Cos I didn't until recently! Browns have both educated me about this and provided me with a pair of my all-time earrings this month.... so let's put all The Rona gloom to one side for a minute and take a moment to appreciate this fab family-run jewellery brand & their absolutely stunning pieces. If you're looking for meaningful gift ideas, the top-quality pieces of jewellery which make up the Rosa Mer Collection [the range these earrings are from] make the PERFECT, prettiest choices.

Browns Rosa Mer Collection Aquamarine Stud Earrings Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Browns Rosa Mer Collection Aquamarine Stud Earrings Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Whether you have a little one on the way, or it's time to upgrade the car seat you currently have, choosing the right seat for your vehicle and your child can be a little daunting. With so much to consider from comfort and style to the travel system, front or rear-facing seats and all the while adhering to strict safety guidelines and laws – click here for laws regarding car seats - finding the car seat that’s right for you and your child is certainly overwhelming!

The safety of your child is paramount and a well-fitted car seat will help keep them safe whilst you're driving and in the event of a crash. As long as your child's seat is fitted correctly, is the right size and they're fully strapped in, the car seat will protect your child from harm as much as possible. Giving them a chance of walking away with little or no injuries.

With this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple tips that will help you find the right car seat for your little one.

Time To Choose A Car Seat? Check Out These Helpful Tips
Are you looking for ways that you can improve or boost your summer style? If so, then you have certainly come to the right place. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the possibilities that you can consider to ensure that you are ready to spend a fantastic day on the beach or even in the clubs. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. 

Perfect Your Summer Style
Sleep is one of the most important factors in the complicated web that makes up your wellbeing. A lack of deep, restful sleep can affect both your mental and physical state, and if you’re dealing with increased pain or heightened anxiety, this can, in turn, make it harder for you to sleep, forming a vicious cycle it’s hard to escape from. With pressure on all of us from employers, family, politics and now world events that are bigger than anyone can control, the high quality sleep you need can be more elusive than ever. 

Today we’re taking a look at the issue to help you get better sleep, and face the increased challenges of each day with more resilience and fortitude.

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Your rental contract is up in a couple of months, and you are looking for your next flat. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, deep breath! We’ve all been there! Only, if you are a Girl Boss, is not just your clothes and shoes that need relocating but also your home office, standing desk, half-finished projects, and tons of materials. Of course, spending more than half of your life indoors makes the flat choice super important. Better flat, higher productivity, more money, right? That’s great if it wasn’t for… the budget. If having a stable income is something you are still working on, make sure your next (affordable) flat ticks all these boxes. At least!

Flat Hunting Cheat Sheet: What A Girl Boss Needs Her Home To Be Like
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Before I went rogue & embraced self-employed life, I'd always worked in retail and sales. Well, aside from that stint I had with computers & apps and that for a while. Fashion retail was always my thing - I've worked in many different retail stores [including Quiz, Clarks, Hollister, Pilot, Lipsy & Next to name a few] in a variety of positions [employment wise, you derty dawgs xo] and I loved it. 

Yes, the hours were long, the responsibilities were pretty gargantuan and the pay was sh*te... BUT I loved the fashion, the merchandising, the sales, the targets, the customers, meeting new people and the lols this lifestyle brings about with it. And the Christmas parties

Due to this - and sneaky little tasters I've had into retail / customer service through visits and trade shows I've worked in in 2019, I've thought about - many a time - setting up my own sorta store? Like, for a short time I sold bits online [and created a bit of an Etsy store]... and I totally bought a domain, made a logo, planned a site / socials and sourced packaging for an eyelash venture I was gonna totally launch this year... but just imagine having a real life, gorgeous boutique fashion store; with a flower wall, stylish AF mannequins and properly sleek, style shop fittings?! 

The dream is there, the seed of curiosity is firmly placed in my mind and there's been times I've wandered through town [and other cities] looking at office spaces and empty store units just dreaming of what could be. I've become somewhat of a dreamer, multi-tasker, Del Boy and wannabe entrepreneur these days [I repeat: wannabe] and this anything is possible mindset is something I'm enjoying embracing.

IMAGINE Opening Your Own Store

When you are looking to sell your home, you’re going to be looking for as many ways as possible to add some value to it. You want to get the best price for your home and you need to be able to be as attractive for buyers as possible. There are so many ways to add extra value to your home and with ensuring you have the right curb appeal, you will be able to sell quickly.

Before you go all guns blazing to the architects and start putting plans in place with permitted development extension options, you need to know what other things that you can be doing to make your home look great. Let’s take a closer look and hopefully, get your home up to scratch.

Slick Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your House!
As defective & rancid as my body is, the one thing it doesn't seem to subject me to is cold sores. Silver linings and all that. However, I know a lot of people suffer badly with them - especially during the winter and times of stress.

For this reason I was super keen to educate myself on HERPOTherm®* when I first learnt about it - I love finding out more about the latest devices to hit the market, especially when they're ones that I can recommend to people. One of my gal pals is getting married this year for example & is worried the stress leading up to the event will trigger her cold sores - so I can't wait to show her this. 

What is a HERPOTherm®?

Well huns, to put it simply; HERPOtherm® is a chemical-free medical device that can prevent the development of cold sore blisters, if applied early enough. If applied later [once the blister has formed] the severity of symptoms may be lessened using this device, or they may fade sooner [by up
to 50%.]

Sound good? Keep reading - AND [fyi] if you choose to order a HERPOtherm® electronic cold sore treatment device using this link before the 20th March you'll save an exclusive £5 off the marked price [meaning you'll pick up this lil beauty for £31 rather than the RRP of £36] and enjoy free shipping. Tick the 'Add Voucher' box under the price before the 20th March & enjoy xo

HERPOtherm® electronic cold sore treatment device review
HERPOtherm® electronic cold sore treatment device review
Although I look about 12, I'm actually pretty old... and as such, my interests have began to sway away from splurging on dresses I'll never wear again, heels that just sit at the back of my wardrobe or blowing all me wages on posh vodka down the club of a weekend. 

I've instead focussed my attention much more into home interiors, design & homeware trends... me and my best pal literally go mental in the home department these days; stroking every fluffy cushion, rug or super soft bedding set we can get our mitts on. 

Wish I was exaggerating there but I've had tears in me eyes over some of the cushions and linen sets I've eyed up recently.

And this is by no means a bad thing - or even something that's totally new to me; I used to love planning out dream homes using the good ol' Argos catalogue, on The Sims and on this otherwise really boring PC CD-Rom game we had back in the days of yore. But I'll admit that keeping abreast of home trends & interior inspo is defo a hobby that's become more prevalent since spending more time in than out of the house [getting old probs] - as after all, if you're gonna be cooped up in your gaff instead out with ya pals dancing to the Arctic Monkeys you at least want it to look nice, right?

With this new enjoyment of interiors, you may have noticed slightly more home content popping up on me blog of late. I'm by no means an expert [Laurence Llwellyn Bowen you're safe hun] but I'm gonna go ahead and write more about this new passion anyway as I do like to think have an eye for style, bargains and keeping it real [like Ian Beale.] Today's focus being top bedroom interior trends experts have predicted for 2020.

Home Trends 2020 Living areas & bedding
I absolutely love looking back through my camera roll on my phone [or scrolling down my Instagram grid] from time to time; reminiscing over old photos and reliving the memories captured in that moment. Apple memories pings me up suggestions of 'things you were doing this time last year' sometimes; making me little photo montages to pure dramatic soundtracks [as you were, hun] or albums of my photos it's created for me ['Four-legged friends' being a personal fave; being snaps of all the pets & animals I've wept over in the past 12 months.]

But without making an effort to open a folder on the computer, heading to social media or searching back through your phone's camera roll; photos can be difficult to find at a moment's notice - and easily forgotten. 

There's been so many occasions where I've been looking through older photos and found pics I'd forgotten I'd even taken - from events I'd forgotten I'd been to; or of landscapes of holidays past that're so breathtaking but ultimately memories that seemingly fall out of my sieve-like mind.

Adding Personalised Touches To Your Home | CartridgeSave

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