NEW RELEASE: Bali Body's Instant Tan Hits The UK TODAY!*

by Nikki LLL Blog, October 18, 2021

There's a new release in town huns, and she's one you need to meet (espesh if you're a fake tan fanatic like me.) 

Bali Body - one of my all-time favourite fake tanning brands, have played an absolute blinder and released an Instant Tan* - as well as a fab lil Body Blending Brush* which is perfect to use to buff & blend this exciting new product into the skin. 

New Bali Body Instant Tan Lovelaughslipstick Blog
(Tip: if you're a super spiller like me, you need to read this!)

Getting ready for a dinner date or casual hangout with friends is pretty exciting. It’s surely a breath of fresh air doing your makeup after not often doing it since the pandemic. But, makeup can lead to horrible experiences, like ruining your favourite top. You have to be careful in applying makeup as some cosmetics are challenging to remove.

Some cosmetic stains are non-removable with normal stain-removing tricks. These makeups are already waterproof and oil-based, making them hard to break down and bring back your clothes into their former glory. Thus, if ever you experience a cosmetic stain, it is better to pre-treat them first before bringing them to the nearest laundry expert.

Types of Cosmetic Stains and How to Efficiently Remove Them*

Small Ways To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home*

by Nikki LLL Blog, October 06, 2021
Renting is a convenient way to save money and is ideal for anyone who’s working temporarily in a new location or who’s saving for a deposit.

As you’re not responsible for the maintenance of the property, you could save money in the long run, particularly if you need to move regularly.

Thanks to these benefits, renting is on the rise in the UK. More and more families, couples and individuals are using this approach to keep a roof over their heads without having the responsibility of owning a property.

Small Ways To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home*

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