A little while ago, I spied a cheeky tweet on my timeline [from the fabulous Talented Talkers] which had two of my favourite things contained within just 140 characters; George at Asda and samples - samples from George's new AW15 collection, as a matter of fact.

I was lucky enough to be gifted some items from this new collection, which was a] majorly exciting as I loveeeee new clothes and b] really practical, as although my Summer wardrobe is flourishing [with the help of eBay] my Autumn / Winter collection consists of about two pairs of printed leggings and a coat. 

Help was needed. 

But before I show you the fab items I was sent, let's take it back and paint a mini picture of my love for this brand [aka let me ramble at you guys a bit.]

I can't lie. I am a massive fan of Asda. Heading to my nearest store is like a day out for me and I've also spent MANY a minute stalking their Holiday Shop online this year [legit, if you're going away - check them out! They have some gorgeous bikinis, bang on trend denim shorts, stunning maxis, fab basics and a whole heap of accessories. At a much, much more reasonable price than the majority of their high street equivalents.]

But taking it back even further - my love for Asda started many, many years ago - where their stores used to have the chicken and cow buttons by the milk and eggs that you could press; to hear the animal sound effects. I joined the queues of hundreds of other kids just waiting to smack that red button and buzz over the cackle of some hens. How the staff in the butcher's counter next door must have despised me. 

When I went to uni, I moved directly adjacent to a giant Asda superstore - and that was me set. I'd say 30% of my time was spent in education, 10% in bed, 20% drunk and the remaining 40% was spent trailing up and down those aisles, in search of a good bargain. 

It was here I discovered Asda George a little better - whereas I had previously picked up shoes and the odd item from George as an angst ridden teenager; as a free, loaned up student - it opened up SO many more windows for me. Last minute night out? Sorted. Unexpected job interview? Sorted. Day at the beach? Sorted. Accessories, jewellery, shoes and clothing made their way into my closet at a rate never seen before - including the rate I used to snap stuff up at those 20% Off Topshop Student Events.

Since this discovery during my second year at uni, I've never looked back - and I firmly believe that -[like with a fine wine or smelly cheese] ever year, their collections just get better and better with age.

Without further a ramble, here's a sneak preview of two items from George's AW15 collection, which I was kindly sent by Talented Talkers.

I was gifted two lovely items from George, both boasting a fab, bright print - with a lovely blend of colours; ideal for the clothing transition required to bridge your wardrobe from Summer through to Autumn. Floral prints flushed with blue and orange tones rolled out of my parcel and onto my lap; both fab Autumnal shades, but bright enough to make the most of the last of the Summer sun.

Item #1 - V-neck Printed Tunic*, £12

This fab little tunic - although it will look well fit worn over ripped, dark indigo skinnies this Autumn - instantly screamed HOLIDAY to me. Probably cos I've just booked one *celebratory dancing lady emoji* It's ideal for my upcoming trip abroad in terms of its length and its lightweight, hardwearing fabric. I'll definitely be donning this tunic with some tan sandals, sunnies and tangerine nails for exploring overseas culture, museums or popping out for lunch. And when I get back - boom, it becomes a fab staple for the Autumn. 

Item #2 - Silky Print Fine Knit Jumper*, £16

Ah, this little top. I love this - I've never worn something so comfy and lightweight before, the sleeves and back of this top are made from such a soft, fine knit. You could even wear this with shorts and sandals for a quick coffee or a weekend shopping spree with friends - its 3/4 sleeves and lightweight feel make it ideal for the transition from Summer to Autumn. It will also look fab with dark skinnies or jeggings as the weather changes; with tan, gold and orange accessories.

For me, I just found this piece to be so comfy and pretty - great for wearing out shopping, for a meal or for work. The print on the front is a little silky and shiny - and this dressy twist just makes it even more versatile.

These are both fab items that I'll defo get LOADS of use out of, thanks to their comfiness and how perfect the transitional colours they contain are. I can't wait to shop more of the range - there's already some amazing, reasonably priced Autumnal staples and jackets on the website that have seriously tempted me!


If you're after a little inspo for your Autumn '15 wardrobe [we can't put off these thoughts for much longer, Autumn / Winter is defo coming *CRYING FACE EMOJI*], why not check out the #GeorgePressDay video below; for a sneak peek of what this season has in store... as if their summer collection wasn't enough of a temptation for my battered collection of credit cards, this collection of tan, plaid and sh-amazing prints is too much for me to take.

*This post contains items I was gifted by Talented Talkers and George. However, all thoughts are my own - I'd never lie or mislead you guys, as it ain't big and it ain't clever!
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