I wanted to bash out a little post this week to remind myself of the things that have made me happy recently. My life has taken a major detour up shit creek these past few years [complete with crutches and bankruptcy] so sometimes - instead of weeping into a pack of Smart Price bourbon biscuits, it's important for me to appreciate the fab things in life that I do have; even if these things don't include money, food, abs, a high flying career or a pet pug [just yet.]

Here's a few tiny little things that have made me happy recently. They might only be small occurrences, but it's well important to remember that it's not having what you want in life that matters, but instead; wanting what you have <3 [I realise that this little mantra might make me sound like a raging hippy - but I'm honestly not, yeno - even though I may very well resemble one, what with the lack of effort I put into my hair at the moment / my displeasure in using hairbrushes #hagridprobs.]

Zara Fruity - I adore this scent, so I picked myself up a replacement bottle of this from Depop recently [because I also adore low prices!] It smells like... well fruit [would you ever have guessed it?!] ... more specifically, like blackberries / cherries / strawberries; with a zesty twang. It reminds me of summer and my first holiday abroad to Turkey a few years back. 

Painting my nails - ah, what a difference a splash of colour to your nails and / or a fresh [home] manicure makes to life.

Good brow days - aside from looking a bit like Hagrid at the moment as I'm trying to grow my brows out, the days when my brow game is strong are unreal. Well, I say my brow game is strong [am I cool enough to pull off saying that?] - what I mostly mean by this that I somehow manage to craft them to make them look remotely similar in appearance. Eyebrows may reportedly be sisters and not twins; but most days, I'm pretty sure mine aren't related at all.

Sunshine filtering through my [crap quality] blinds in the morning and having a brew on my [feeble excuse of a] balcony, hoping that noone sees me in my tragic pjs and hair-thrown-into-a-top-of-the-head-pineapple state. Bliss.

Finding totally awesome online friends, who totally get you - the more time I spend on Twitter and stalking other blogs, the more truly fab girlys I'm finding to chat to. Emmy [who blogs over at Emmy's Beauty Cave] has been a little ray of sunshine in my life these past few weeks. What a babe! And of course, there are plenty of other little beauties who regularly make me smile, including the pure fitty Lexie [couldn't not mention you with your new favourite words, could I?!] Check them out :}

My lilac MUA lippy - I've been getting right into this shade recently; it smells so good too [I know that a lippy smelling nice is perhaps secondary to how it looks, but after my experience with the smell of this lipstick a little while back, I now count myself lucky.]

Facing my fears - I've been a bit of a sh*thouse when it came to all things medical in my life until recently - I am scared of pretty much everything. I finally plucked up the courage to go and get a couple of fillings done at the dentist recently - and I'm very proud of myself for doing so, as these had been a long time coming. Why oh why did me and my friends decide to watch 'The Dentist' horror films when we were like, 14?! That creepy b*stard has legit scarred me for life.

Baths - there is never going to be a day where I tell you that a decent bath powered by Radox / Lush isn't going to make me smile from ear to ear like a madman possessed. I'd say 40% of my life is probably spent in the bath these days [hashtag YOLO.]

Reaching 250 Bloglovin' followers - thank you, you sexy lot! I promise I'll be a better blogger over the festive season; I know I've sat on my arse and consumed a lot of biscuits recently, but I can change!

And if all else fails, bangin' choons on my iPod - music always brings me back to my happy place - it can make me cry out my frustrations, sing my heart out in empathy or attempt to twerk around the kitchen; but all these [sometimes irrational] reactions 100% make me feel better, in their own way. Soz neighbours - let's call it retaliation for your insanely noisy, late night sex sessions, k?


What's made you happy this week?

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