Hands up, right, I'm proper lazy. I won't even lie about it [I'm too lazy to even try to.]

Can I be arsed painting my nails these days? Nope. Can I be arsed to brush my hair, like ever? Definitely not. I'm all about life hacks; the inventions, techniques and general know-hows on how to make living easier. And massively oversleeping and resembling a mad tramp for the majority of my existence, snoring away through a chorus of about 12 iPhone alarms.

The biggest beef I have with painting my nails, is the amount of time the whole bloody procedure takes. First, I'll apply the initial coat, that always dries quite well and is pretty sound - minus being streaky as hell. Then I'll pop on a second coat; which takes about a year to dry, no matter how thin the second coat actually is. As I'm like, a pensioner trapped in a young[ish] person's body, I'll also normally fall asleep during this risky second coat stage, and wake up in the morning with the pattern of my duvet fabric imprinted on my nails. 

If I even manage to muster up the energy to whack a top coat on, this only prolongs the drying process further and doubles the chances of it smudging on me, my belongings and my life. And then, cos my nails are crappy and brittle [and I'm a bit of an obsessive cleaner and spend most of my time with bleach, rather than other humans] within like, a day, one of them is guaranteed to have chipped and broken my soul.

So without me rambling on any further, you can kinda gather my general feelings towards being a proper adult in the nail department, can't you?

Then along came DinkiBelle, who sent me these totes amazing Spring  Blossom nail wraps* to try, and revolutionised my lazy-ass world. You may have seen me posting hundreds of pics of these on Instagram [I regret nothing] and if you haven't, you'll soon see why.

DinkiBelle wraps are designed to be affordable, durable, pretty and as an added bonus - totally non-toxic. With each pack, you get 5 free nail wraps [perfect for if you cock up, like I always do] and each application can last up to 14 days, rivalling some UV gel nail polishes [which I can't afford these days.]

They're also insanely quick and easy to apply, even for total nail novices like me. 

I am absolutely in love. I applied these wraps a week ago as I write this, and they're still going strong. They've ever so slightly began to show a few signs of wear [however, this is definitely my own doing, as I had a fight with my piece of sh*t tin opener, which I have regularly tweeted about and now left the most scathing review possible for on the Asda website. The fight in question involved it being its usual, inadequate self and me having to saw into a can of tuna with a knife and hella swearing, which I think may have caused minor damage to one or two of my beautiful nails *sob*. However, this was not a usual situation, or one I hope to find myself in ever again. The tin opener has firmly hit the bin] but there's no way that any nail polish I own, even when covered with the strongest gel top coat, would have lasted me this long. 

I can wake up in the morning and head out, confident that my nails don't look trampy as hell. It's done and ready to go, professional looking nails applied in the comfort of my own home, with none of that awkward salon chat with the girl who does my Shellac. And if the worst does happen [though I pray noone else's tin opener betrays them as heavily as mine did] you have five spare wraps you can use to replace any 'whoops' moments.

If I can afford to book a holiday this year [poor people's probs] I will 100% put a DinkiBelle order in; as after trying this product, I am confident that it would last me for the duration of my stay abroad. And it's way cheaper than getting Shellac. Plus, if the worst was to happen, it's the quickest thing in the world to fix, with no drying time and risk of smudging. 

I used to find painting my nails such a chore. Touching them up when they chipped, waiting for them to dry, having to pure build up layers of colour with paler shades to make them look remotely okay. These fab DinkiBelle nails have given my anxiety-ridden mind one less thing to have to worry about doing, and I LOVE them. They're so pretty, I can barely believe they belong to me.

And here's the best bit... YOU CAN WIN YOUR OWN PACK

Do you love these as much as I do? Do you wanna be nail twinnys? You can legit win the pack pictured below in Spring Blossom, posted from me to you with love. Alls you need to do is get involved with the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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The Competition will end on the 30/04/16. No purchase necessary. This competition is open to all UK residents. To those under the age of 18 - please seek parental permission before entering. Duplicate, incomplete or spam entries will be removed. You can enter as many times as you want. The first entry is mandatory; you can then enter as many times as you want to get more entries. The winners will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter widget. One winner will be drawn and contacted as soon as the competition is over. Open to UK residents only.

*This post contains items I was gifted by DinkiBelle for review. However, all opinions are very much my own; I wouldn't lie to you guys - it's not big and it's not clever!

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