You know those pure amazing 30 second videos on Instagram, right, where people paint that mad liquid stuff around their nails and then they attack their talons with nail polish & stamps & roller things & stickers and are left with these proper amazing nail art designs? And then they peel the liquid stuff off from around their nails and with it, off comes the overspill and any mess they made mid-creation? That stuff?


Yeah, I wanted some. Purely for the peeling, more than anything. The satisfaction I get from watching these nail technicians / online nail wizards peel that sh*t off when they're done is like no other. So when I spotted it for uber cheap on Born Pretty's website, I obv ordered a bottle. Again, purely for my own enjoyment. I am no nail technician and I would never claim to be haha; you'd shudder in horror at the state of my claws. Oh and fyi, it's proper name is 'Anti Overflow Glue'. Just in case after my mad ramblings, you still weren't sure what the hell I'm on about.

So, how did I get on?

First off, I need to tell you this. In a
non-solvent abuse way, this shiz smells TOTES AMAZING. Not like glue at all; it smells like peaches and summery cocktails. But that's besides the point really, I guess. I didn't buy it to sniff it [even though that's all I do.]

The product works. However, it doesn't peel off as clean and as satisfyingly as it does in those
Insta vids [though it does leave your cuticles smelling fit, if you happen to waft them by your nose.] 

It's a difficult beast to slay; if you put on too much and coat it too thick [like I did the first time I tried it] it never dries and causes no end of difficulties when it starts to bleed into the nail polish. However, if you apply it unevenly and coat it too thin, when you're peeling it off it rips and becomes all stringy. If this happens and you rub at where you applied it however, it does come off and you're left with a neat edge to your nail. But you HAVE to wait until your nail polish has dried before you try this method / even to peel it off, otherwise it's bad news / smudge city for you.


Although this stuff did work, sadly [for me] it wasn't quite as exciting an experience as I'd have hoped. But if you want to give it a go [or even just paint your hands in it, like everyone does with the PVA in school just for the peeling bants] then you can order your own bottle
here. It costs just $3.99 inc uk shipping; which is about £2.82.

In fact, if you fancy ordering anything from Born Pretty at all, you can whack in my discount code AINH10 at the checkout for an extra 10% off - all with free shipping. For this one miss, I've had plenty of hits from their store - so I'd still recommend checking them out!!

Have you tried any mad little inventions like this?

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