I love discovering new makeup brands - especially when they have a low price tag attached. 

Yous are all well aware by now that I regularly [at least once a week] compare myself to the man, the myth and the legend that is David Dickinson in his Bargain Hunt days. My life is Bargain Hunt: Live, but with less tragic red & blue fleeces and more H&M basic hoodies. My dedication to the bargain life is strong and unwavering; like my addiction to bourbon biscuits, Pokémon and Red Mountain coffee. And also, totes necessary. Cos man, I'm poor.

All this [and the horrible mental images of me repping a Bargain Hunt fleece and knocking about with my mate Davey D in the local car boot sale] aside, I've found a brilliant budget makeup brand I want to share with you, who go by the name of Technic Cosmetics

Technic pride themselves on being fun, fresh and always on-trend - values which I can see reflected in every piece of their range. It's high quality makeup, with attractive packaging and a low price tag [my fav.] The range boasts an array of cosmetics and makeup accessories; including nail polishes, lipsticks & glosses, innovative mascaras and award winning blushers. Not to mention their eye shadow palettes, primers, highlighters, contouring kits and foundations, too.

I'm made up with the bits that Technic sent me to try - their recent brand makeover means that their packaging is totes on point, modern and Instagrammable; three major pieces of criteria for me! 

Everything I've tried from them so far is as good as it looks [very!] Technic's dedication to staying on trend has ensured that everything they've sent me is relevant to this season's makeup game. So, here's the rundown. Prepare yourselves to witness the fitness.

Colourfix Colour Correcting Palette*, £5.00

My face is a bit of a mosaic. There's dark circles permanently round my eyes [like a big ass panda], the odd red patch and as I have like, olive skin but a tan from Greece; it looks like I have a mash up of about 12 skin tones going on at the moment. So it's for this reason I adore colour correcting products. 

You may remember around this time last year I first discovered the science behind colour correcting [where I posted about the MUA palette] and this obsession has defo only got stronger. This palette blows all other contenders out of the water, really; in terms of quality, design and value for money.

The shades included in this colour correcting palette are dead useful; there's one for literally every purpose. Each pan is filled with the softest, creamiest product which applies really well and blends like a dream. And that packaging #goals

Goodbye under eye circles, weird red patches and to all the other delightful issues my skin's been facing recently - this bad boy is on the case and I can't wait to introduce it into my daily makeup routine. Which I'll post about at some stage #badblogger

Technic Juicy Stick in Oxblood*, £2.19

I can't believe this product is so cheap - it's flipping amazing and one of my favourite pieces! Just look at those burgundy, berry tones - this is every blogger's Autumn dream; complete with a pumpkin spiced latte, of course [which I don't like, #extrabadblogger]

It smells lovely, is easy to apply and you simply twist the bottom of the pencil to get more out; rather than having to faff about with a pencil sharpener. I'm all about those life hacks. I would purchase the entire range of Juicy Sticks in a heartbeat, I was so impressed with this one.

I'm excited to post an Autumn Makeup Look with this lip pencil, it's firmly made it into my Autumn Favourites already. Imagine this shade; teamed with chunky knits, compulsory Starbucks cups and Ugg Boots. Dreamy. Makes me wish that I hadn't splashed out on Mac Diva in Duty Free the other week - this is so much cheaper!!

Bronzing Baked Eyeshadows*, £3.99

First of all, HELLO ROSE GOLD! Is this not just the prettiest palette you've ever seen?! For £3.99, you can't get much better than this. I am full on in LOVE with this palette - the pans are jam packed full of product and each shade is so pigmented. Like, ridiculously pigmented. And soft. And lux feeling. And just frigging awesome.

Just look at those swatches! The colour builds so well, I can't even express just how impressed I am with this palette. The coppery, bronze shades are the exact kinda tones I use on my eyes [when I can be arsed to do my makeup properly] and once again, bang on point for Autumn. I can't wait to experiment more with these and post about them again - you've definitely not seen the last of my new found obsession with Technic!

Get Gorgeous Highlighter*, £3.49

One of the best highlighters I've ever used. A lovely soft powder which adds a subtle glow to your skin. I have to admit - I don't really use that much highlighter [apart from on my brow bone] as I'm a bit scared of looking like the Tinman / some scary ass robot. Plus I'm shiny enough complexion wise already. However, this product has changed my mind. I used a little as part of my contouring regime the other day and loved it.

I used my Get Gorgeous Highlighter as part of this look I posted the other day. It has totally changed my view on highlighting - I'm a little addicted to the glow now! Channelling those robot vibes.

Vitamin E Lipstick in Shade 'Bare'*, £1.99

Is this just not the sweetest nude shade ever? From the moment I clapped eyes on this product I fell a little bit in love with it - and can we just take a moment to appreciate that price tag?! 

This lippy smells lovely, applies perfectly and contains added Vitamin E; to nourish your lips as you wear it. It's perfect for Autumn / Winter wear, when your lips can get a bit chapped and on the crusty side of life [ew.] No more!

The colour pay off is instantaneous, and really good. I can't cope to be honest - I've not found a lipstick for such a low price tag that I've been this impressed with in pure time. Further stalking of the Technic website has introduced me to their ColourMax Lipstick collection too, which is pretty much all going to have to be mine. Soz once again Natwest, you and I both know I'll never be out of my overdraft. But my selfie game will be on point.

Technic Brow Tamer*, £3.00

I've been really enjoying testing out new brow products recently - namely since Lisia at Bloom Liverpool gave me a HD Brows treatment. Obv this is no exception to the rule - just look how cute and dinky it is. And those tiny tweezers and wand? Too adorbs - especially to say that all this combined is just £3!

The kit comes in two colours; Dark or Medium. Technic sent me the Dark Eyebrow kit, which actually looks perfectly suited to me. I have kinda ash brown eyebrows and I can sometimes struggle finding tones which sit well with them, but these look promising. Especially the darker shade.

The left pan holds a cream to define your brows and the right is a beautifully soft powder, to fill in any gaps. I'll let you know how I get on with them - but let's be honest, if this is anything like the rest of the Technic Cosmetics range, I'll love it.

What's your favourite piece from the collection? Have you tried anything from Technic Cosmetics before? Which bargain brands have you discovered recently - any recommendations? 

If you want to find out more about the brand and the fab range they stock, check out their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can buy their stock off their website or via retailers such as Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Xtras, Peacocks and in some selected Tesco stores - so keep an eye out next time you do the big shop!

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. As ever though, all opinions are very much my own - I frigging love these products, man
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