By now, it's pretty clear to every human who's ever walked this earth that I am a raging bargain hunter. And a shopping addict, especially when it comes to online spending. I justify my excessive hauls to myself [I'm kidding nobody else] by reasoning to my waning sense of sensibility that everything I splurge on is cheap & cheerful and because of that, it'll all be sound. It won't [I'm so sorry, Natwest!]

One of my favourite, bargain-filled, triumphant online treasure troves is Born Pretty's website. There's pretty much nothing that they don't sell - and everything they do is ridiculously cheap AND with free shipping. It's a blogger's dream. You can legit get lost for hours scrolling and scrolling through all the beauty, fashion, crafting and lifestyle items they boast. Especially when you don't have a life, like me [apart from my unwavering dedication to Pok√©mon, obv.] There's bits to try for yourself, dupes, stuff to sell wholesale, gorgeous gifts and other items; perfect for low-cost blog photography props. It's definitely my go-to store when I want to blow a few pennies, as I can get plenty for my £ and it satisfies my urges to spend [without being too dangerous to my maxed out credit card collection.]

I've picked out a few pretty pieces from their site to share with you guys today. Including two eyeliners, a new lipstick and a Zoeva brush dupe [which is as Instagrammable as it is amazing <very>.] If you don't have the shopping bug yet, you will do soon. I'm like that spluttering, coughing, nose blowing idiot on the bus; sharing their bugs with everyone around them. Like that man in the Post Office that time, who coughed down my ear and started me off with a delightful chain reaction of ear infections, which still flare up to this day. I've got one now, thanks to that germ ridden scoundrel.

I am full on in love with this brow brush. True, mad, deep and passionate love. It's amazing! One side is a perfectly angled brow brush and the other has a fab little wand. Plus it's an absolute steal for the price - a literal fraction of the Zoeva equivalent, and every bit as pretty. 

I've been using it with my ABH Brow Powder at the moment and I can't wait to let it loose on the amazing Eyebrow Kit that Covershoot Cosmetics sent me the other week, too. It's possibly my favourite item from this post's picks - which is an unusual choice for me, I've never been that into makeup brushes before now. #TheBloggerMadeMeBuyIt

The wand end too is fab; the size and shape of the brush gives you ultimate control, so I can comb my brows into place [they're a nightmare at the moment] with one end, before I lightly fill in sparse brow zones with the other. It's definitely not worth shelling out a small fortune on a brush just for the sake of the name, when you can get incredible little dupes like this online.

This gel eyeliner is pretty good too. I recently bought Mac's Fluidline Gel Eyeliner and I wasn't that impressed, to be honest. Especially for the price. The formula of this stuff seems to be a little drier than Fluidline and applies that bit darker, which I like. With a small, angled eyeliner brush, you can easily drag this product across the delicate skin on your eyelids [with precision] and out into a tremendous wing. From what I can tell, longevity wise, it lasts just as long as Mac's too. Great for daytime wear for a softer look.

The eyeliner was supposed to come in a kit with a little brush, but the brush didn't seem to make it to me through the mail, haha. I honestly don't mind about that though - the gel on its own is insanely fantastic value for the price and I have a few brushes I use for applying gel liner already.

How high-end does this look, hey?! YSL eat your heart out. I love this liquid eyeliner pen, it honestly makes the art of winged eyeliner so much easier. It's not one of those dry, scratchy pens [that pure scrape off the eyeliner as you're applying it or trying to draw over it to make it darker] - it applies instantly wet and dark. The felt-tip end of the pen is pretty easy to control [though you do need a steady hand and to go over it a couple of times to achieve optimum neatness] and I'm loving how luxurious I feel having this in my 'aesthetic' makeup pot [I'm so basic.]

And finally, I picked myself up new lipstick from the website. I've been branching out and trying a few different shades recently [#Adventurous] so with the slight tan I have left from Greece and the last few rays of Autumn sunshine in the air, I decided to go for a light, neutral shade of lippy - rather than the bright pinks I usually rep all year round.

This lipstick smells lovely but the shade is definitely deceiving - it applies a lot lighter than it looks. You also need to make sure your lips are fully exfoliated before applying it, or else it goes a bit patchy. But nonetheless, it's a beautiful coral shade. There's a million looks I want to test it out with [including blending with other colours for a bit of ombre-lip action] - so brace yourself for the selfie explosion once I do!

What do you think of these picks? Have you shopped with Born Pretty before? If not, I highly recommend you check them out - especially if you're a beauty blogger. And even if you have been on there before haha - it's definitely worth a second look. There's so many innovative beauty products and little gadgets on there, perfect for those of you who know what you're doing more than I do [both in terms of your life and with your makeup!] 

You can get 10% off any full price items at Born Pretty using my code AINH10 at the checkout. Let me know what you think if you have a stalk - you'll be amazed! They have a ton of Halloween bits on there too at the moment - ideal for this time of year [and I know you guys all love Autumn!!]


Have you picked up any online bargains you wanna shout about? Let's celebrate them together - leave more deets in the comments box below.

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. As ever, all opinions are very much my own
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