Happy Valentine's Day, gang! I hope that no matter how you've spent today, you've had a lovely Thursday. Every day is a good day to show the people you love that you care [terms & conditions apply, don't go full rogue] so try not sweat it too much over this one specific date... it's just another working day, when it comes down to it. Yep, I am officially Buzz Killington

My timelines have been swamped with pretty young things in lingerie, designer shoes & huge rose bouquets [the dream] today; but I'd also like to spare a thought for the older singletons this year. Many of my friends' parents are a] over the age of 40 & b] single / mingling - and much as we might think otherwise, the world of dating for single and mature people isn't too far removed from that of 'Stan' Twitter.

My friend's Mum - who's 70 now [and looks bangin' for her age] has been dating and has bagged herself a younger man [jammy AF] who lives in Spain... meaning she now gets to spend most of her time with her bae in boiling hot sun & away from the dingy North West UK. I feel I can learn a lot from her. TEACH ME ALL YOU KNOW PLS HUN. She's smashed the over 50s dating game.

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I guess with all forms of online dating - and with all ages of those trying it, many of the pro's and cons apply to all. There's the possibility of being catfished, the small potential you're talking to someone who might be into a few not-so-nice things, a chance you might run into a f*ckboy [legit, there's no age limit on these people hahaha] or end up meeting with someone you just don't like who takes the rejection badly & messages you asking for the £4.50 back he spent on the drink for you [did anyone see that screenshot on Twitter of that girl's poor Mum who experienced that 😂😂]

But online dating - especially for mature singles, definitely has its perks. For those who've retired, have grown older without single friends to go out on the pull with or are perhaps a bit shy; dating apps and websites can be a great way of getting to meet & talk to new people. It can be hard to meet new people if all ya mates are settled down, if you don't head out much or if you're a bit shy.

Friends' parents who perhaps don't go out into town for drinks, don't have any single mutuals & lol at even the thought of going clubbing often reveal that they worry about where they'll get to meet people. Romance with co-workers is a MASSIVE no... and other than that, where else do they turn? Which is why they - and older friends I have - have decided to sign up to various sites & apps; to aid them in their path to find whatever it is they're searching for. And I applaud them for that - and for embracing the technology, change & that yolo mentality this decision means.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Sunshine Perfume

Regardless of age - I think the one thing to take from this is that online dating has massively changed the way we find love / baes / people to bang... and in many ways, for many people; for the better. If your parent(s), relatives or older friends are embarking on their mature dating journey using apps or websites; applaud them, support them & help them look out for cat-fishy signs they might not be as clued up on as the younger generation are. Not everyone's watched Max & Nev's Catfish series!

Have you tried online dating before? Any stories to tell?
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