New Year's Eve is traditionally a night to spend with loved ones, friends and your other half; if you have one. Whereas Boxing Night is more of a night of celebration [and jagerbombs] with ya pals, the meaningfulness & beginning of a new year means a lot of people choose to spend NYE doing romantic, cute things with their baes. 

A new year, a new start, new adventures. And who's to say all this newness can't involve meeting someone new, and starting a new romance too? Here's 10 suggestions of fun things to do on New Year's Eve that'll give you a great opportunity to meet new people & increase a single gal / guy's odds of meeting someone that night. Cos let's face it - those who are coupled up will no doubt have cute nights etc etc... but the fun that can be had by singles on New Year's Eve is a whole other level. Start the year as you mean to go on, hun!

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1. A good old-fashioned house party
My favourite way to spend NYE; house parties with friends & friends of friends. A great way to expand your social circle and meet new people. And save money.

2. Fancy dress events / parties
HOW FUN?! Combining two of my fave things into one - and a fab conversation starter if you're a bit nervous striking up small talk. At the very least, fancy dress events give you the opportunity to get some sexy pics for the 'Gram.

3. Head out to town for drinks
... but get there early / book tickets in advance, as speaking from experience, this can be one of THE busiest nights of the year and you're more than likely never getting a taxi. Ever. Great opportunity to meet people and have a lil clubneck when the clock turns 12 though - and some bars do cute confetti cannons etc which are an emotional time. I also properly love drunkenly singing to 'Auld Lang Syne' linked with strangers; hahahaha.

4. Singles nights
Many venues & companies recognise that single people might feel a little lonely at this time of year - so see if there's any singles nights or speed dating events in your local area. A fun way to put yourself out there & meet people; spending NYE with new friends & potential baes.

5. Join a free dating site & arrange a date / get chatting to some new faces
Whether you decide to do this pre-NYE so you can get a date arranged for the big night - or take the fresh year as a sign to sign up to dating platforms & put yourself back out there in the new year, this can totes be a fun activity; which instantly connects you to likeminded singles. Sites such as are a great place to start your dating adventures

6. Meal with family / friends
You never know who you'll clap eyes on in the restaurant, get chatting to, or be introduced to by friends of friends. And there's food.

7. Head to a Wedding
Well, one you're invited to like - don't go too rogue on your quest to find a bae. A lot of people get married on New Year's Eve due to the special meaning this night of the year holds for them, and how they can see in the new year with everyone who means the most to them in one location. With wine. Weddings are a great venue to scope out other eligible singles - many of my friends have met their now fiancés at other people's weddings.

8. See what the neighbours are up to
NOT in a creepy way. But if you live in flats and someone's having a party in your block, this might be a great way to get to know your neighbours better. Or if you're in a house on an estate, maybe one of your neighbours is doing fireworks - or there might be a block party?

9. Staying in? Reach out 
I stayed in for NYE not last year, the year before... and although it wasn't the situation I wanted to be in, it was actually quite therapeutic. I ran a bath, got a glass of wine and spent a lot of my evening online chatting to friends. New Year's Eve is a great opportunity to create new friendships / relationships or maintain existing ones. Be this on social media, WhatsApp or dating platforms.

10. Local fireworks / celebrations
See what's going on in your local town - most put on fireworks displays where loadsa people spectate & the atmosphere is lovely. Fireworks make me a bit soppy & emosh - so maybe you'll bump into someone with the same sentiments as me & hit it off!

What would your top recommendation for singletons looking to meet someone on NYE be?
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