Getting Your JOMO On*

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We are more than done with FOMO by now. The Fear of Missing Out has been ruining lives and ruining naps for far too long. So, let’s welcome JOMO with big, welcoming arms. 
What is JOMO?

Whereas FOMO is the Fear, JOMO is the Joy. The joy of missing out on all the unnecessary things that we can be invited or advertised to us... but which we don't need, but don’t want to miss out. So, let’s push the need for inclusion aside [slowly, it’s a process] and enjoy doing much, much less. 

'I’ll read my books, and I’ll drink coffee, and I’ll listen to music, and I’ll bolt the door.'
—J.D. Salinger, A Boy in France


After scrolling Instagram and seeing brunches, lunches, designer handbags & all the latest trends it can be easy to look at what you don’t have. A great way to rebalance is to create the perfect pamper evening for yourself. Stock up on your own budget-friendly beauty products; or if you want to be ultra-green, make your own body scrubs and face masks. Try to choose a day where you don’t have early morning appointments the day after, so that you can enjoy the relaxation a little longer. 

Here are a few options for your pamper sesh:

- Deep-conditioning hair masks
- Face masks - followed by a full cleanse, tone, spot treatment and jade massage roller moment
- Foot packs - or extra thick moisturiser and cotton socks
- Cucumbers over your eyes
- Chamomile tea
- Your favourite music or movie


When you're busy with meetings, work, freelancing, children, cleaning & everything else, it can be easy to let your focus on your health take a back seat. Take a morning and book in some general check-ups. Or maybe it's time to register yourself with a new dentists or GP. Ask a few questions before you join their practice, such as do you differentiate your dental office by opening on Saturdays? How long is the waiting list? Ask your doctor if they have evening and weekends available whilst you're at it too; ensuring that moving forward you can take care of your health at a time that suits you. 


Fling your phone in a drawer for a few hours [but tell ya pals first, so they don’t worry] and open that book you've been meaning to read. If you don’t have anything poised and waiting on your shelf, here's a few great shouts for your next read:

- Trust Exercise, by Susan Choi
- Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion, by Jia Tolentino
- Pantsdrunk (Kalsarikanni), by Miska Rantanen


Not running one [unless that floats ya boat] - instead we're talking about ya fave box sets here. Grab a range of snacks [from dried fruit to Malteasers], put on your most comfortable clothing and find the perfect viewing spot. While watching telly for hours isn’t productive [unless it's for research or educational] it is super relaxing. 

Nap Time

How often do we just take a nap when we need one? Not as often as we should. We push the sleepy feelings off, and carry on with the day. But if you're working on recharging, relaxing & recouping; a nap might be exactly what you need. If you don’t want to let too much time slip by, then, the Calm app might be a good shout for you. It has a range of 30-minute nap programs; where you'll be gently spoken to and relaxed, and at the end of the timer, woken up gently too. Tech can be the perfect addition to your JOMO goals. 

Social Media

Social media can be an amazing, fun way to connect with people just like you. BUT it can also be toxic and false. Curating your social media feed to only show accounts that uplift you, make you pause for thought, educate you and / or inspire you can be soul cleansing. 

Consider your relationship with social media too. Are you being authentic, or are you only sharing the highlights and chasing the likes? A little detox never hurts anyone, and social media is often a great place to start. 

Truth Time

Journalling is a lot of fun, and you can be really creative with it too. There are so many tutorials and methods to laying your journal out, a quick search on YouTube or on blogs will give you a lot of inspiration. There are no rules to what you add and what you leave out. But try to keep your journal as a true account of what is going on in your life, what is bothering you, what is making you happy, and what is worrying you. 

When we let our minds wander and put pen to paper, we relieve a lot of stress and tension. 

It is a really healthy way to spend time.


Baking bread, pastries, or cakes is a really tranquil thing to do. Once you commit to the rise and baking time, you're talking hours already. Baking can be tricky, and your bread might not always go according to plan... but the satisfaction when it does - and the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting around the house, is comforting AF. 

Not to mention it’s delicious too. 

Purposely choosing to stay at home, or do something that isn’t expected of you can be very freeing. Creating, pampering, or even just listening to the music you love - while surrounding yourself with complete comfort, might just be the soul sooth you need. 

Fall in love with your solitude
—Rupi Kaur, Milk, and Honey
*Collaborative post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information on what this means
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