Are you looking for Mr / Mrs Right? Have you had a few... erm... 'interesting' encounters in your quest to do so? You're defo not alone if so; I hear some mad stories from friends on the dating scene on the reg, ranging from catfishing to some seriously intense IG messages within about 5 minutes of matching.

Using apps or websites that connect you to people all over the UK can be great [due to the number of people you can chat to who you wouldn't ordinarily have contact with] but there's something to be said about dating locally. From saving money to emergency cuddles on tap, meeting someone in the local area definitely comes with extra perks. Let's discuss in this post!

Benefits of Dating Someone Locally
Benefits of Dating Someone Locally
Benefits Of Local Lovin'

- A hugeeee benefit of meeting someone local to you is the time you'll save travelling to see them. Especially if you don't drive, like me. A few years ago [like wow, 2010 or 2011 maybe now?] I was in a long distance relationship with someone who lived in London. And as someone who's usually pretty broke, worked full time in retail at the time and who doesn't drive [mixed with his mad working hours being a security person] I found it a HUGE challenge to fit in visits. Trains are expensive as hell and much as I love ma old faithful National Express coaches, it takes hours to get anywhere on them... and needless to say this relationship did not last due to these factors. 

- This kinda falls under the same category, but it's so much easier to jump on the 86 bus to go and meet bae than it it getting endless coaches or trains; so the convenience, time saving and money saving tick several [proverbial] boxes here.

- If you're one of those people who likes cuddling & other humans / human contact [can't relate, soz] having a local bae is reportedly great for when you need emergency cuddles.

- Meeting someone locally means you're more likely to have friends in common - meaning more banter, an enlarged social circle and the opportunity to get the inside goss / vet them / ensure that they are who they say they are and not a raging catfish before that all-important first date

- It also means you're more likely to have shared interests, restaurants, clubs etc - and experiences in these places to lol about together to break the ice. Everyone has a story to tell about their adventures in The Blue Angel here; for example 😂😂

- It's pretty easy to do these days, thanks to the emergence of local dating apps and websites that've been created for all these exact reasons. Hurrah! I dunno whereabouts you guys live, but a great shout for this purpose am gonna throw in here is Love Jersey Singles. For you jersey girls & boys on the prowl.

Benefits of Dating Someone Locally
Benefits of Dating Someone Locally

How To Find Ya Local Lover

- Join a dating site or app for companionship and friendship in your local area. The quick, convenient and time-saving way to date in this modern digital age. I've already mentioned a Jersey dating site above, but if you're looking for Belfast dating experiences, another one to note is Love Belfast Singles. Dating apps can help introduce you to people in the local area you may not have organically bumped into before; matching you on shared interests and physical attributes you find attractive. And even if you don't fall madly in love with them, you may end up with a new friend / group of friends from it

- Nights out are undoubtedly a great way of meeting new people - look out for events that interest you and local dating events you can attend locally too; to meet like-minded locals on the pull

- Get your friends on the case - it's not what you know, it's who you know - your pals might have a friend of a friend or a work colleague they can introduce you to who [because they know them personally] they can verify is a nice human you'd get on with and not a catfish from Croydon

What would you say are the biggest benefits in meeting someone who lives locally to you?

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