Nowadays, being a #GirlBoss is a whole other ballgame. Whether you’re an influencer, a blogger, run your own brand/have your own products, manage a business, or have your own creative ventures, being on top and successful is more than a full-time job. There needs to be another word that goes past full and says devotes every possible waking second to cultivating and growing your personal brand, foregoing sleep and subsisting solely on gumption and the occasional latte. Right? 

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If this sounds like you, then likely you’ve lamented your lack of time and how hard it is to try and cram those every day mundane tasks and adult responsibilities into an already jam-packed scheduled. Neglecting your brand is a no-go, so how do you find the extra hours in the day to do those things you kinda have to do? Like clean your house? Check the mail? Prepare and you know, actually have time to eat, food?

We’ve outlined a few time-saving hacks for the busy girl boss below. Try a few of these tips and shave some time off that jam-packed schedule. It’ll save you more than time: it’ll also help save your sanity!

Meal Prep
Any gal with a Pinterest board or who scrolls Instagram knows what meal prep is. It’s beyond trendy. But beyond the trend, it’s actually a really helpful way to ensure that you’re getting proper nutrition, saving tons of time on cooking and preparing meals, and you know what else? It can save you a ton of money.

It’s a pretty simple routine once you get it down. Choose one weekend day for your meal prep. Plan the week’s menu, make out a shopping list, cut any coupons you might use, and go do your food shopping. When you return, brew up a mug of tea or a pot of coffee and get cooking. Prepare foods for the entire week, taking the time to portion them out in tupperwares or freeze them in individual portion sizes. Many people go a step further and use the same few ingredients in multiple meals, based on what’s local or what’s on sale (for instance, buying a bulk package of chicken breasts to use in several dishes, or a certain pasta that happened to be on special). Then, you can grab a quick meal or snack as you head out the door, or if it’s time to sit down for dinner, just heat and eat.

Checking the Mail
Both email and regular “snail mail” can be a hassle to deal with every day. It seems like a small chore but when you’re already so busy, those ten or fifteen minutes spent checking mail can seem like a lifetime. Don’t let mail become an insurmountable task.

For email, platforms like MailChimp can streamline your mail, filter out junk, merge with your marketing and brand efforts, and even help you draft emails using templates and more. It’s simply a smarter way to deal with email, that will save you tons of time.

For the paper variety, many business people and those with accessibility issues are choosing to go with virtual P.O. boxes. What’s that, you ask? Well, a virtual post office box is exactly how it sounds. It’s just like a normal post office box, but you check your mail online via a smartphone app or email. Peruse your mail via PDF or image, and a team of well-vetted employees will provide you with support if you need it, everything from shredded read mail to helping you send a reply. These plans are very low-cost and can even be merged with apps like EverNote. is one of many of these cloud based mail platforms that are cropping up. It really helps save you time and you’ll still have a physical mailing address to give out to clients.


You don’t have to have tons of money in the budget to hire a freelance or independent contractor to assist with smaller tasks. There are several career and freelance sites out there that can help you find the perfect assistant who will work with you on anything you need help with. Sometimes you just need fresh eyes!

And there you have it. A few life hacks to help you save time, and your sanity, as you rise up that ladder. Good luck, Girl Boss!

*Collaborative guest post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information on what this means
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