First blog posts - always a bit awks, or majorly pretentious.

I will set the pace here; I'm a girl of twenty-something, with an extreme fondness for Mr Kipling's Angel Slices and red nail polish. My life would be incomplete without my eyelashes, a good old Rimmel eyebrow pencil and a quick blast of Britney Spears' perfume. Oh, and a jumbo cannister of dry shampoo.

I very much intend to keep it real - how to live life on a (sometimes extreme) budget, whilst having lots of Love, Laughs and copious layers of Lipstick. I'm never without a slick of bright pink lippy and a smile.

I won't be 'hauling' anytime soon; I'm just too poor. I'm could never be one of those bloggers. Instead, I'll be shopping and putting together outfits and achievable life tips in helping you feel your best.

Join me on a journey through my (sometimes MENTAL) life. I might not be the most out there fish in the sea - but I have love, creativity and time for you all.

My ethos is, that if I can help one person feel their best, help one person smile - or give just someone, somewhere pleasure in my writing - I'll have achieved my goals.

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