As anyone who reads my blog will be all too aware of by now - I am the poster child for poverty. So when my little pot of Bourjois blusher ran out recently, my purse began weeping in anticipation of the expenditure ahead.

To the dismay of my battered collection of credit cards, I am of the firm belief that my face minus blusher = disaster, so I decided that a hasty re-purchase had to be done [let's be honest, my face with blusher ain't exactly the ideal either].

I normally go for Bourjois' Little Round Pot Blusher in one of the Rose shades, which retails at about £7.99 in Boots. But I decided, after about 5 years of consecutive loyalty to this product, I'd look elsewhere to see if I could achieve a more professional looking effect, for a similar price.

Cutting a long, waffling story [involving yet more analogies about how skint I am] short; I picked up NYX's Baked Blush - Illuminator + Bronzer in BBL10 Ladylike / DeMoiselle which was £7.00. 

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What struck me straight away was the size of the circle of blusher itself; its circumference [ooh, getting all GCSE maths on you here!] is definitely wider than the size on offer from Bourjois - and it's consistency made me believe that it will also last longer. Anyone who's familiar with the Little Round Pot Blushers from Bourjois will know that after a bit of use, it grinds down to reveal a disappointing - almost cloth-like - hard, textured surface which you think might be blusher [but is really just whatever is used to hold the blush in the pot] and it's suddenly game over. Also, the packaging is totally adorable on this NYX blush; with a little bow clasp to open and close the pot. Awww. Now would be a perfect time for the pink bow emoji. But I'll refrain.

The product itself, now I've stopped buzzing off its packaging, is also fab. It doesn't smell as nice as Bourjois' offerings; but it applies a dream. And with blusher, I guess a nice smell isn't a prerequisite; it's not as though anyone smells my face.

Apparently it can be used wet or dry; but I've not attempted using it wet yet. It takes a couple of applications with a blusher brush to build up the pink colour; but the shimmery consistency of the powder really highlights your cheekbones and is visibly noticeable straight away. It's reaaaaaallllllyyyyy highly pigmented, which is fab. I feel the effect achieved with this product looks extremely professional and a little more subtle than other blushers I've tried.

NYX Baked Blusher handily doubles up as a highlighter. Add a light dusting down the bridge of your nose, to the centre of your forehead, chin or décolleté to best use this product as a bronzer or illuminator - and to keep your contouring game strong. It also applies well on top of any foundation I've thrown at it so far; some of these products are ones which other blushers have clumped to almost instantly in the past, and which have left me with rosy streaks rather than rosy cheeks.

Pricewise - although you can probably get a cheaper substitute to achieve similar results; you can also most certainly get more expensive. I believe this product is great value, as it's like two products in one. Although I'd still use Bourjois again in the future, I much prefer the application of the NYX product.

Sometimes, I have to make do with cheaper products due to how skint I [always] am and I weep at the sight of people who have their lives together and a makeup bag worth more than all my worldly possessions combined. My cheaper products and the results they achieve in comparison to other peoples' flawless faces cannot come close. However, this has surprised me for the price and is actually a really great product. It would surprise me [if money wasn't an issue] if I could find a more expensive blusher which I preferred more.

I only have a few products from NYX; but after this I feel I'll definitely explore more of the range. Some of their range I feel is quite pricey; but I was really satisfied with this product. I might even shop the Baked Blush range to explore other colours for more dramatic looks. FYI, Next have recently started stocking this brand, so this is a great place to pick some of the range up if there's one near you.

Click here to explore the range.

Have you got a blush product you remain loyal to? Have you discovered any great value blushers you'd to share with the world? My comment box below would love to know more. I have recently installed the Disqus widget so that all my lovely readers / bloggers on other platforms can comment; so let's get to know each other better.

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