I looked at my face and makeup collection the other day - and enough was enough. I was scrimping and saving on products at the expense of looking like a functioning human being - and something needed to change. 

Whenever I want to treat myself or try something new, I always grab my stack of credit cards and head over to Makeup Revolution's site; it's like a beauty wonderland / Christmas. And this time was no exception. Check out the pieces I picked below.

1. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette,  £8.00

Recently, I'd noticed that my contouring looked, in all fairness, pretty terrible. It had that sexy, 'dirty' look going on; so yeah, it made me look like I had well chiselled cheekbones, but also, cheekbones that I hadn't washed in possibly years. It was during this mid-life contouring crisis that I stumbled across Emmy and Annabel's posts, which 100% inspired me order one of these. And I don't regret it for one second, it's fab.

It's just so beautiful. It's one of those palettes as well where I'll use every single shade. There's no redundant pan. Each powder is so soft and easy to blend; they're like velvet. And the highlighters are amazing - I'm in full on, deep love with the foily looking one pictured below, you only have to touch it to get the best colour pay-off evaaaaah. It's so pigmented.

2. Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts - Blushing Heart Blusher, £4.99

You may have already read about my love for NYX's Baked Blush; but what I don't love during this poor phase of my life is the price. I know at like £7 it's not an absolute bank breaker, but I am pretty much the poster child for poverty and like to scrimp where I can. When I noticed that good old Makeup Rev sold baked blushers too - which came in packaging as cute as this - little hearts appeared in my eyes like I was that emoji and I hit buy almost instantaneously.

Just look at it - it's amazinggggg. It looks like a little box of chocolates too - and we all know my downfall is anything sweet. So far, I'm really impressed with this. It's a decent size, so it'll last me agesssss and it applies quite subtly, so that you can build up colour and avoid looking like you have some kind of tropical fever / a mad pink face.

3. Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Powder Brush, £5.99

Although I do possess another contouring brush from Makeup Revolution, I can't even begin to express how happy I am that I splashed out on this one. It's such a babe. The way it's lovely, soft bristles are shaped just make contouring an absolute breeze. It's the perfect size and shape to get down the sides of my nose and my cheekbones with - and my (somewhat feeble) contouring game has become infinitely stronger since this beast strolled into my life. Worth every penny.

Have you tried any of the products above? Or do you have any other 'must haves' you can recommend from Makeup Revolution?

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