Life is better with a tan. Fact. However, chance would be a fine thing in this overcast, drizzly climate.

I thought long and hard about my options in combatting this problem and I came up with two possible solutions:

1. I need to move abroad and bask in the sun like a giant lizard 
2. I need to up my fake tanning game.

Considering that I quite often can't afford life essentials [such as bourbon biscuits, cheese and bleach; the triad of glory] I soon realised that pigs will fly, talk and operate hovercrafts before I can ever afford to relocate overseas. So I shuffled off, with a heavy heart [and a very light wallet] to Tesco to see if I could successfully fulfil my second option.

And by jove - I bloody well did. Meet my new bae; a holiday in a bottle > Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion, Deep Sunkissed Look.

You can go for a few different options when it comes to skin tone [light, medium etc;] but obv I dived straight in there for the bottle labelled Deep Sun Kissed - I like my tan how I like my brews; deep, dark and mysterious looking.

It's bloody brilliant this, yeno. After just one application [which I applied at night, before I went to bed] I had similar results to the level of tan I normally achieve with my trusty St Moriz fake tan - but without the suspicious brown stains across the bed sheets / clothing / carpet. Plus, it looks really natural - it's adapted to my skin tone and makes me look naturally tanned, rather than the way some fake tans can leave a bit of an orangey tinge to your complexion.

The only downside of this product is that it does come with a faint aroma of biscuits; it's a bit nostalgic, it's taken me back to my days of being an angst ridden teenager and applying this proper old-school L'OrĂ©al fake tan from in an orange twist-cap bottle. I stunk of a blend of singed hair from straightening it with the iron and fake tan. Anyway, this lotion has a much nicer smell than tans of the past; Summer Body has strong overtones of apricot. But eau de biscuit is still slightly present - I'm not gonna lie.

The lotion itself has a fab, quite thick consistency which applies really well - a little goes a long way and it's not pure greasy either, which is always a bonus. And, as opposed to St Moriz - this little beauty doesn't just tan you; it moisturises your skin, too. It's like two jobs in one, which I love as I am lazy as sin once it gets past 8:30pm.

For me, finding this product has revolutionised my tanning routine. I don’t have to put on rubber gloves to apply it like I do with St Moriz, I don’t have to wash the stain off before I go anywhere near water [you know what I'm talking about girls - when you put on instant tan for a night out and as soon as you step outside it rains and you end up with leopard print arms] and I don’t have to consider ringing in sick to work when it goes tits up [like I did when I accidentally stained the palms of my hands a deep mahogany shade that time and had to bleach them back to normality with toilet bleach.] It just feels to be so much quicker than holidaying to St Moriz - with so much less risk. I'm a convert.

If you fancy trying this bad lad out, it's on offer at Asda at the moment for £3.50 a bottle. Winning! If you've got a fairer complexion than I do, they also stock it in the fairer shades too. If you click here, that's the full range.

Have you found any bloody brilliant fake tans? Or have you tried Garnier Summer Body before?

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