Does it count as a manicure if you do it yourself and your skills in the nail polish game aren't that strong? Either way - here's a sneaky little insight into my [dull as frank] life and my talons of choice for the week. 

I've actually felt a little bit festive this year; tis the season to plaster everything in glitter. Whether it's party dresses, Christmas trees or your nails - everything looks better with a little sparkle during the run up to Christmas. 

So when [during a quick diversion I took in B&M Bargains on Friday to avoid the village smackheads who suddenly loomed at me from out of nowhere] I noticed they had little sets of 2 Rimmel nail polishes for sale for like £2-something, I was on it like a car bonnet [not like I make a thing of getting on car bonnets like; I did try it once, but it wasn't sexy in the slightest.] I picked up two fab Glitterbomb top coat polishes; a pinky one in shade 019 Disco Diva and a silver, more glitterball-esque shade called 018 Disco Fever in a little plazzy bag and I was buzzing.

I frigging heart these Rimmel nail polishes. I picked one up this time last year; in a like, red and blue glitter mash up and I loved it - so there was no way I was going to miss out on such a bargain. 

Glitter top coats are genuine life savers. Sh*thouses when it comes to removing them - soooo much scrubbing and nail polish remover is required, but insanely brilliant in making your manicure last forevs. A quick top up coat hides a multitude of sins. They also look fab worn over your naked nail, with loads of coats built up for a full on sparkle-city experience. Unfortunately however, my natural nails aren't fit for public consumption at present, due to the glorious orangey hue from fake tans past that they're sporting [that I've already mentioned here and here] so I won't pure harp on about it!

I decided on a nude polish this week - I don't know why, but having nude, white or pastel nails makes me feel like I've got my life in order. I definitely don't, but yeno; it's always nice to feel that maybe other humans might look at me and imagine I do. This fab Colville Mews polish by Nails Inc was free with Glamour the other month and has been one of my firm favourites ever since. It just applies so well. So yeah; I popped on a couple of coats before layering a mix of both glitter polishes over the top, for an ultra sparkly look. And here's how it looks.

What's on your nails this week? What do you think of this colour? Do you have any Rimmel recommendations?

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