by Nikki LLL Blog, March 21, 2016

Life has been a right sh*tter recently. Soz to throw an unexpected swear out in the first sentence of this post [I did self censor it, like, if that redeems my reckless behaviour] but it's true. 

I've been counting on winning the Lottery to help me sort my life out; pure planning in my mind what I'd do and listing the names of all the people I'd swear heavily at when I had the money to not give two flying frigs about what they think of me anymore [namely the inconsiderate, noisy arsehole who lives in the flat above me *insert countless swearing middle finger emojis here.*] But it hasn't happened, and I'm fuming. And extremely poor. And sleep deprived, thanks to that UTTER UPSTAIRS W*NKER. 

I've been having a proper turd time with my health and stress levels recently, as well as being an all round tramp living off Smart Price crumpets. So the long and short of this post, is just to let yous know that I'm not dead. Though the way I feel today with this raging ear infection probably comes quite close. I'm just having a bit of a break, whilst I sort my life out a bit. 

I have loads of stuff to blog about, plenty of Expectation vs Reality bants and a beautiful little #PaperHaul box I was sent featuring the glorious designs of my favourite Dorkface. And I will get round to it all, I promise. I just feel a little bit swamped and overwhelmed by debt and stress at the moment, so I have decided to take the extra pressure of blogging out of my schedule for a bit, so that my head doesn't explode [though my ear might, thanks to this raging infection.] In the meantime, you can always check out my Twitter and Instagram [even add me on Snappy C if you like, I'm xnla88x] where I'll most likely be playing with filters,  carefully selecting an appropriate GIF, swearing or eating biscuits. 

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