I am a shiny beast. Well, more specifically; my fod becomes a shiny beacon of hell if I don't regularly tame it with makeup. 

Few products can live up to the challenge, but one product I use daily [and have done for like, at least 5 years] is Rimmel's Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder, £3.99.

It sets my makeup in place, a quick top up during the day keeps the dreaded shine at bay, it's reasonably priced [and often on special offer at Boots, perfect for cheapskates like me] and it gives you the perfect base to work from.

It's lightweight, soft and doesn't crease much [I've noticed sometimes it creases around my eyes, but then again, I am pretty old #FossilProbs.] The only downside with this product is that when it starts to run out, it always, ALWAYS shatters into about a million pieces and spills all over your bag, floor and life when you try to apply it. I have so many half empty pans in a graveyard type basket arrangement in my wardrobe. But that's just life, I guess. And it's a minor downside to contend with, given all the massive positives of using this product - namely, making my face look more acceptable to human society [which is a pretty big job.]

I will keep buying this product forever, as although I've tried other brands [and even other powders from Rimmel] for me, nothing compares to this total babe. The long-term relationship we have has surpassed all those I've held with males and although sometimes things can get a little messy between us [namely when I'm proper broke at the end of the month and trying to apply powder from a shattered pan] I will always keep coming back for more <3


Have you tried this product before? What's your go-to powder? Do you have any tips for keeping the dreaded shine at bay?

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