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Slim Your Chin / Chin Up, Guys*

Sorry, I couldn't decide which pun I preferred for the title of this post - so I greedily went ahead and used both. Pun city, population me.

Getting back to it - I need to announce that
my chin is massive. Just putting that out there. I saw a photo of myself the other day where I had what can only be described as JOWLS. Although it was HILAR and I howled and howled with laughter, I have no immediate plans to become a jowl master general - so I was super happy when the lovely Paige at ChinUp Mask contacted me and asked if I'd like to try their 30 minute Non-surgical Facelift Mask*. If you're as curious as I was to find out more about how this works, keep reading - you're in for a TREAT with the photos to come!

What it does

The ChinUp Mask is said to provide a revolutionary 30 Minute Facelift.


- Lifts and firms the lower part of your face to contour your jawline,
- Promotes facial blood circulation,
- Hydrates and moisturises the skin on the chin area,
- Reduces fat on the chin,
- Uses natural ingredients [such as fruit extract] which keeps the skin healthy.

What you get

In my pack, I received:

- 2 x Masks

- 1 x ChinUp Slimming Band

- 1 x Tape Measure, to compare your before and after chin size

The Process

It's dead easy to use these bad boys [and the process is guaranteed to make you laugh, at least once.] You simply wash and dry your skin, apply a ChinUp Mask to your face & neck, put on the ChinUp Slimming Band [the hilarious bit] and leave it all to soak in / work its magic for 30 - 40 minutes. After this time, gently remove the band & mask and massage any remaining product into the skin.

ChinUp advise that the effects will last for several days however, they recommend that you use a mask every other day to achieve further improved results.

Before / During

- Using the tape measure supplied, I worked out that from ear to ear, my average chin size was 30cm, pre mask.

- With my chin pointing downwards [and my sexy jowls all squished together] from ear to ear, my average chin size was 33cm, pre mask.

Brace yourself for the photos to come. Like, I can't cope - I crack up laughing at them each time. Chin straps, jowls and all; here's photographic evidence of my ChinUp experience.

(LOL!!!! As if the day has come where I'm okay with putting this on the internet)


I remeasured my chin after removing the mask, and was really surprised at how effectively it had worked in just 30 minutes. It did begin to feel like my chin was on fire the longer I left the mask on, however, a bit of a hot sensation is normal and my skin was revealed to be smooth and blemish free when I took the mask off. There was no burning and / or fires present on my face.

- Using the tape measure supplied, I worked out that from ear to ear, my average chin size is now 27cm, post mask.

- With my chin pointing downwards [and my sexy jowls all squished together] from ear to ear, my average chin size is now 30cm, post mask.

So.. I lost 3cm from my chin area in just 30 minutes!! Impressive stuff, huh? See if you can tell the difference in the photos below - I definitely can, especially in the jowl department. I don't have half as many rolls to squish!!

I'd definitely recommend ChinUp masks to anyone wanting to slim down their chin & jaw area without surgery - they're the perfect product to pamper yourself with pre-night out / before a date / before drinks with the girls; so your chin looks good from all angles on your selfies! 


Have you tried a ChinUp Mask before? If you're interested, head to their website at http://chinupmask.com/ to find out more! And thanks again Paige, for helping me in the fight against chin-flab! Can't wait to use my second mask this week and continue the battle!

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. However, all opinions are very much my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever. Plus, I have a tape measure this time - numbers don't lie!!

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