Dress To Impress: How To Alter Your Favourite Pieces*

by Nikki LLL Blog, October 12, 2018

Whatever the occasion, I know I - and most gals, like to dress to impress wherever possible. And nailing this can be a lot simpler than you think!

There's no denying it; first impressions are everything and at the end of the day, how we look is a big factor in how we are perceived by others. Attending the wedding of the year? Going for that important job interview? You need to look the part. We like to dress to impress, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t!

To look your best these days, you might think you need to splash out on a whole new wardrobe or purchase some high-end makeup brands. The fact is, you don’t. Not at all. By making a few clothing alterations to your favourite items, you can spruce up any old shirt or dress to help you feel a million dollars. 

The first thing to remember is to dress as comfortably as possible. Feeling comfortable really shows in how you carry yourself, giving you the confidence you need to stand out above the rest. That means no ridiculously high stilettos and definitely no overly tight dresses. Unless that's what you feel best in, in which case, rock it kween! When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it shows.

The second thing is to think about is how you can salvage your loved items of clothing. Remember when you lost a little weight and that dress you once loved is now a little baggy? Or the shirt that’s perfect for your next work meeting, but the sleeves are too long? Here’s where we can do a little altering to bring these essential items back to life. Which tricks can we use to alter our clothing and ensure we dress to impress each time? Well, I'll tell ya, hun.

Bring old items back to life
Before you rush to your favourite high street store or log onto their website, have a look through your current wardrobe. Chances are, you’ll dig out some gems that you’ve never even worn, sometimes with the labels still attached! (We’ve all been there.) 

However, if you find that ill-fitting dress that you’ve not worn very often, now might be the time to make a few alterations to make it fit again. 

Consider dress alterations by Alterations Boutique if you don’t know where to start. Grabbing a professional tailor or seamstress for some advice is probably the best move.

Taking in a dress at the waist, shortening a sleeve or taking up your left trouser leg is all possible – you’ll be surprised at how well you can make your older pieces of clothing look. It’s not always a necessity to buy new items, so make sure you see what can be done with older ones first.

To dress to impress, a completely new look isn’t always needed; as long as you have the right accessories to compliment your outfit. Think belts for your waist, jewellery for your neckline or the right pair of shoes to add a big fashion statement to your already show-stopping outfits.

Belts can work wonders on big flowing dresses, highlighting your waist and best features perfectly. Necklaces and bracelets can add that extra bit of bling to keep things from being too plain. Using these items sparingly can keep your outfit classy and ‘dressy’ at the same time.

The hair pin
A simple yet effective fix for a long sleeve. A hair pin works wonders for those up dos, but have you ever considered using them to alter your clothing? To keep long baggy sleeves away when wearing a top or shirt, use a hair pin to discreetly tighten up sleeves and stop them from falling down your arm halfway through the day. Genius.

Believe it or not, the hair pin is also useful when you want to keep a shirt tucked into your trousers; you can use as many pins as you need to attach your top and trouser hem together. If in doubt, grab a hair pin!

Hem tape
A handy little item to have in your drawer if you don’t have much time on your hands! Hem tape is used as a quick fix for those long trousers or skirts, ensuring they stay in place throughout the day. The tape also comes with instructions and is completely easy to use. It’s strong and long lasting, so you don’t need to worry about it coming undone throughout the day.

Safety pins
If you’ve not got a couple of safety pins stashed away in your bag, are you even a fashionista?! Joking aside, safety pins are your best friend, especially when you bend to pick something up off the floor and hear that dreaded rip of material. 

Safety pins aren't just there to cover up your little accidents, they’re also ideal for holding together outfits and altering sections of clothing. They’re great to shorten a strap that may be too long -and even double up as a makeshift button if one decides to pop off your cardigan one day. Seriously, it’s worth putting some in your hand bag, just in case!

Dress to impress with these tips
If you’re stuck with how to look your best on a budget, then follow these tips. Maybe they’re just the thing you’ve been looking for when you really need a boost! 

Do you use any similar tricks to alter your favourite pieces of clothing? Share them in the comments!

This post was in collaboration with Alterations Boutique, specialists in suit and dress alterations in the UK. For more information about their services or to make an enquiry, visit their website: https://www.alterationsboutiquemanchester.co.uk
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