I have soooo many weddings to go to this year and the next; I can't cope with all the emotion, excitement, weeping & feels that are imminent. And I can't wait, either

There's just something so magical about weddings; the atmosphere, the happiness of everyone there, seeing two people who love each other so much sharing their special day with those they care about *weeps*... 

A lot of these upcoming weddings are those of my best friends tying the knot with their post-uni baes and quite frankly, I'm too excited & emotional about it to breathe. So naturally, I'll be snapping approximately 50,000 photos of everything that happens on these special days; in a fit of emotion & as an attempt to keep the memories alive for years to come.

No rly, look how happy I get at friends' weddings

The other Christmas, 2 years ago now I think it was [life can you PLS stop whizzing by so fast?!] another one of my other best friends got married in this proper gorgeous country mansion. Like, there was actual cows just chilling outside, and a ded cute dog that ran into our cottage & we cried over and called Jeff 😭🐕 It was the first time we'd all been together in years due to relocating / work commitments / the fact my leg pretty much fell off... and it was probably the best couple of days of my entire existence on the planet.

I made so many videos and took so many photos over the couple of days we stayed over for the wedding celebrations - honestly, every time I look back through them, the memories just come flooding back all over again & I can't help but start smiling. The power of a photo, hey?

My pal's professional wedding photos were stunning too - I loved how the photographer took professional, crisp shots but kept a candid, natural feel within them. I'd like something similar for my own big day tbh.

As well as the professional photographer's [who was that professional he pretty much shoved me out of the way at that point, so he didn't miss that perfect shot 🤣🤣] images - and all the millions of others we snapped on our phones; something I really liked about the reception was that there was a basket of props and an Instax polaroid camera on a table at the front, so guests could take snaps of themselves throughout the night. 

You'd take your snap - with props if you wanted [queue me posing with a big old moustache, obv] then leave your polaroid pics on the table for the bride and groom; so they could make a big scrapbook of their special day and see what their guests were up to after a few beverages in the evening! Totally nabbing this idea for my wedding. Whenever that ends up being, like.

I thought this - and the iCloud shared photo album I think was set up, was such a great way for guests to share photos... I'd love this if I was the bride, as it's the one day I probably wouldn't be taking millions of photos myself, so you're pretty dependent on other people taking them for you. Have you been to a wedding where the bride & groom did anything similar? Do you get overly snap-happy at weddings, like me?
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