We are well and truly in the throes of winter and we need to be as comfortable as possible - both inside and outside. There is always the dilemma of the inside of buildings and buses being far too hot, where the outside is below freezing. No matter what you do, you’re always trying to balance your outfit with the temperature. 

How can you balance it without stripping off the moment you get in? Well, the key for a winter wardrobe is in the layering. When you’re going through your wardrobe and figuring out whether you have the right pieces in for the winter, work out whether what you have is right for the season ahead. The flimsy summer dresses will not work for the outside world right now, but this is simply an opportunity to invest in some winter options, and there are websites that offer precise color filters for dresses, too. You can add to your wardrobe with the colours that suit the season and clothes that will remain as warm as possible while you are stylish! So, let’s take a look at five things you need in your winter wardrobe this season!

Winter dresses always need a place to stand proudly. These are a heavier material than the summer dresses in the wardrobe; think charcoal wool or tweed in pattern and you’re good to go. Pair these dresses with thick tights and boots, and you’ve got an outfit to die for! 

Faux fur is a big deal, and in the winter, you want to avoid actual fur and go for the fake stuff. Faux fur shrugs and shawls have a place over your shoulders and are excellent for chilly days that aren’t cold enough for a wool coat. You can find it in an array of textures and colours to suit the occasion. 

Winter hats are a necessity if you want to stay warm, but not every woman goes for a hat - what about her hair? So, consider earmuffs. Not only are they cute, they can be truly stylish if you pick the right option for your outfit and the weather. Try and stay away from the giant and furry kind that are most often seen on children; or if you do go for big and furry, do it as a statement piece!

Boots are a must for the winter, but you need more than one type. Knee-high boots are a must for skirts and dresses, as they cover you to the knee and keep your legs mostly warm. If you are wearing skinny jeans or bootcut jeans, go for Chelsea boots or ankle boots that sit under the jeans leg cuff. Stay warm and insulated with boots while remaining stylish.

Lastly, you need cashmere! No outfit is complete without a soft cashmere sweater or scarf to look fantastic. Get an array of colours and styles, and you can really enjoy the cashmere in your wardrobe this winter. 

Winter fashion is important; embrace it as much as you can.
*Collaborative post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information on what this means
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