HAI AND WELCOME TO MY 2019 RECAP, incredibly late. On brand, as ever. 

2019 was an absolute whirlwind, I've been so busy. That's it, that's the end of the post. 

Hahahahahaa imagine, imagine if my 2020 resolution was to post concise, to-the-point & non-rambly posts. IT'S NOT. In fact, I've gone that rogue that I haven't even set any New Year Rezzys. Buckle up, grab at least 2 coffees [& possibly some strong, alcoholic beverages] and brace yourself for what will inevitably be a massive word vomit; all over your screen & all over 2019.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog 2019 Recap: Loves, Life, Lipsticks & That


πŸ’– I've become addicted to YouTube; especially True Crime videos. It's not the crime & sordid detail that draws me in, it's how soothing the YouTubers' voices are to have on in the background whilst I'm working. Georgia Marie is also educating me on history as I work away - her voice is probs one of the most relaxing ones out there in my opinion. I would NOT be listening to anything history related otherwise; it doesn't interest me in the slightest... so that's testament in itself to how much I love her.

Soz to you wise people & historian buffs, I just feel that current issues are more pressing to learn about than some pure old geez in royalty from 130000 years ago. But each to their own.

I wanna start making more video content this year; I really enjoy editing; and the creativity of it. Will I ever get round to it tho? Very much tbc huns. With a large sprinkling of 'lol, I doubt it'. But you might see more of my rancid face at some point, so be aware and protect your retinas [& ear drums from my hybrid manc-scouse tones.]

πŸ’– NescafΓ© Azera. Pretty much what's kept me functioning as an almost-human these last 12 months. Intenso. That badger. Where it's at.

πŸ’– Home improvement stuff has legit become my passion of late. Which is probably a sign of my age, even though I look about 12. I literally built a flatpack table the other day. Am I okay? Probs not, and I might be well on me way to a mid-life crisis; but I guess it's healthy for me to have a hobby that isn't 'Cooking Fever', binge drinking & EastEnders?

πŸ’– Tesco Seagull Wine - not it's official name, but it has a seagull on the label so πŸ™… Red wine obv; a nice lil Merlot. Has pretty much fuelled every social outing I've attended in the past 12 months, I bloody love it.

Bali Body Fake Tan Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Standout Beauty Products of 2019

I discovered a few new all time fave beauty products in 2019 - which given that this blog is somewhat of a beauty one when I remember to write on it, I should probably cover.

- SiennaX Fake Tanning Mousse - MY NEW ABSOLUTE FAVE, OMG. Such a deep, even colour; that you can actually tell I'm wearing and makes even my rancid body look slightly more like a 1/10 than it's usual 0.0000000000342/10 status. I discovered this stuff via Latest In Beauty and oh my days gang, it's a game changer.

- TooFaced Born This Way Concealer - I was gifted this via me huns @ Wizard [read more here if ya fancy] and it's absolutely changed the game. It's so so good. So long-wearing, such a dece level of coverage. Almost managed to cover Fanus. I literally swear by this stuff, use it to disguise how ugly I am and to carve out my terrible brows. Highly recommend

- Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in 3.5 - Speaking of my terrible eyebrows, this lil babe from Benefit [which I again, discovered via LiB] has changed my brow game this year. I love it, it's so precise [yeah, I know, clue's in the name] and a perfect match for my ashy toned insipid brows. And I've been growing them out loads, to the point where they're almost okay to look at now!

- Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss The Scent For Her, Jimmy Choo L'Eau Eau de Toilette - These lovelies have been my top 3 scents of the year - obsessed with them all

- Lash Unlimited No9 Lashes - Literally my all time fave, I just keep coming back to these fluffy, lightweight little huns; I've worn them for literally years now. Check out the range via me aff link - here

You can pick up some fantastic deals on products such as another one of my faves, the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso using price comparison site Wikibuy. This site helps you pick up the very best prices - on whatever you're looking to buy - in and out of sale season. It's a price comparison website & extension [similar to Honey] that'll help you get THE best deal. Love it!


πŸ’– I'd love to share some really deep & meaningful stories with you in this section, but there's only one story I can recall right now - and that's of that time [aaaaaall over Christmas & New Year] that the skin inbetween my eyebrows lost it's sh*t and erupted into something that was pretty much alien.

This mountainous growth started off as a regulation spot [cos it turns out my skin is worse now than it was when I was a teenager] but along the way, somehow became all-powerful and morphed into this giant, crusty-ass crater that would NOT be covered by makeup, would NOT heal [no matter how much healing cream I put on it - the cream actually made it angrier] and would spare me no mercy

I felt too self-conscious to go out, it cast its own shadows on walls. It leaked lumious fluids. And it reached its peak when it morphed into its final form. It looked like an actual anus on my forehead. Right in between the brows. So I called him Fanus; a name spawned as a cross of forehead & anus.

Fanus has gone now, but I'll tell you what. I've never ever ever had a forehead anus in my life - nor do I want one again. I could feel it pulsating when he got angry & his levels of crust turned me stomach. It was probably the worst thing to happen to me in 2019. But as he was with me for so long and it was such a traumatic few weeks, that I couldn't not retell this tale in this post.

πŸ’– Kept myself alive & celebrated 1 year of being self employed
πŸ’– My mate Mike got mugged by a seagull
πŸ’– I don't think I stood in dog poo for the entire 12 months
πŸ’– It was my blog's 5 year anniversary in October too; which I was also late to post about. Why am I like this, I ask myself daily; whilst remaining to be like this.

I'd share some pivotal moments or 2019 recap wisdom at this point... but I don't have any. Soz. I can't talk 'manifesting' and 'positivity' as I'm a miserable old hag of a realist - but I can drop some proper immature jokes at the drop of a hat, and blow large amounts of money within milliseconds; if anyone's arsed.

I don't even have any New Year's Rezzys to share with you.

Just basically, 2019 was quite alright tbh & I liked it. Here's to 2020 being even better - and even more full of red wine, mature cheddar cheese and finding 10ps on the floor.

The finer things in life.

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Lovelaughslipstick Blog


I mean, I kinda committed to having this as a sub-title when I named this post after me blog & followed this format throughout the post. Only got myself to blame like. But a bit of an awkward category in hindsight. A few of my favourite lippies in 2019 [and which have continued into 2020 thus far] are:

I guess a few of me fave lippys in 2019 have been:

- Charlotte Tilbury's 'Liv It Up' & 'Bosworth's Beauty' - teamed with the Pillow Talk lip liner
- The nude Lipstick Queen lippy in the pic above [again, brought into me life by LiB]
- COLOURPOP'S LIPPIE STIX - omg. Why had I never tried these before?! That pigmentation & colour pay-off is NEXT LEVEL, I'm obsessed! Currently wearing 'Aftershock' and 'Goodie Bag' on repeat

What was something you'll remember from 2019? A good time, a bad time [ie FANUS], a scent, a friend or a product? Lemme know in the comments below cos am nosy as balls xox
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