2020. The curveball none of us were expecting. The Rona is truly horrific and destroying lives, businesses and plans across the globe - and to make matters worse, there's also news swirling about the web that an army of giant hornets are flying in to terrorise our lives further. 2020 pls.

As well as all of this carnage, the Rona is undoubtedly throwing a raging great spanner in the works when it comes to socialising too - spending time with friends, meeting new people and getting out there dating; if you're single. Whilst staying at home, social distancing and isolating is of imperative importance [and if you're one of those knobheads flaunting lockdown rules, know I think considerably less of you as a person RN - just stay at home ffs so we can get this over and done with] it is a really difficult time, and is really impacting on people's mental health due to this lack of contact with other humans. Those in relationships are having to go weeks without seeing each other, those getting married have had to postpone and singletons are even more limited when it comes to meeting a potench bae than ever before

It's overall just a great steaming pile of sh*t and I'm not about it. I'm scared, stressed, anxious and heartbroken about the whole situation tbh - it's terrifying and literally not something I ever expected I'd experience. The only good things to stem from it all being the sense of community people are starting to display toward one-another, the fact people are starting to actually appreciate & applaud our NHS and that our key-workers (be those doctors, bin men, shop workers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, teachers - all key-workers] are also finally getting some recognition too.

But back to the point of this post. Dating during lockdown. Is it possible? Physically, no. Virtually, yes. And in fact, right now - where we have more time to reflect on what we want, who we are and to actually send meaningful replies, may actually be a great time to meet someone special.

Dating during lockdown
Dating during lockdown

Whether you're looking to bolster your social life or meet someone special, with the current restrictions in place, this has to be done virtually. 

And with more people heading online than ever to cure their boredom and correspond with their pals, now is a good time to get yourself online too; signing up with sites local to you, for those with similar interests. Social media is a great place to feel more connected to those around you - and lockdown has seen a surge in people using videocalling apps and software such as Zoom, FaceTime, House Party & WhatsApp video. Not so much House Party now though, thanks to those hacking leaks

Online dating is where it's at right now if you're single; with many sites offering new features to accommodate our unprecedented climate RN. Whether you sign up to meet new mates, find Mr / Mrs Right or to arrange an online date [these are totally a thing now!] there's literally never been a better time to get involved. This Guernsey dating site may be a useful resource for those of you based that way - or perhaps this one, if you're looking to break into the Mature Guernsey Dating scene. Cos people of all ages are finding themselves in the same boat here hun - the Rona doesn't discriminate; single or married, young or mature, we're all on lockdown - with the only common denominator linking us all being the internet. Being online.

Ultimately, I think getting through these tough times means adapting, evolving to our current climate and trying to see the positives of it where we can. When it comes to meeting someone, it might be difficult right now - and if you're in a new relationship or seeing someone in the early stages, can be a total buzzkill - but think about it. We're all on lockdown, with time to reflect on what we want - out of life and relationships. We can't claim to be too busy to reply - or too busy to have a 'virtual' date. We can really take this time to e-meet and get to know new people, who may go on to play a huge part in our lives post-lockdown. And that's pretty cool.
*Collaborative post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information on what this means
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