2020: That's A Wrap!

by Nikki LLL Blog, December 30, 2020

Christ. Dunno why I've even challenged myself to write this post, cos my lawd this year's been a maddun hasn't it. 

I could come to some pure philosophical, wise and positivity-fuelled conclusion and go full girl-boss-MLM-lifeiswhatyoumakeit on you, but I won't. You can't polish a turd. THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SHITE IN SO MANY WAYS, and I'm not gonna gloss over that and not address the huge BEAST of an elephant in the (metaphorical) 2020 room. I hate the Rona, I hate whoever decided to scran a bat and I hate that these past 12 months have limited so many people; in so many ways (and f*cking killed so many, too.)

Imma try and conclude 2020 and look to the future in today's post. Which might be a load of bollocks you regret reading, but I'm resolving to blog more consistently in 2021; so here's my attempt to start that.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog 2020 Wrap Up

Blogwise: I want to be myself, my best authentic self in 2021. I want to write about things I'm passionate about, not censor myself - and create interesting content I'm pleased with. 2020 has been the year this blog took an absolute backseat - as my icon Austin Powers would say; 'I've lost my mojo baby.' BUT I've been incredibly busy with work and other projects, which I feel v blessed about, so I'm not gonna lose too much sleep about the abrupt death of LLL content. 

I wanna post regularly on the 'Gram again, I wanna get back into Twitter and I wanna create video content & dead fun stuff that allows me to get my personality out more. I very, very much doubt I'll be resurrecting my TikTok; unless I've had wine. OH and I've just remembered Pinterest exists, so maybe I'll have a go at getting back into that, too!

We'll see how it goes, am defo not promising anything - this Christmas has shown me how burnt out I truly am after a year of working really hard, so if I can't fit blog stuff into my schedule without working myself into an early grave; I'll swerve it. My career takes priority soz huns - unless someone wants to pay me full-time to be an influencehhhhr & sit on the Gram all day

Life-wise I need to create a better work-life balance for myself, look after myself more (you should SEE my lockdown hair RN lololol), get back into shape and stop being a prize twat with money. A comfortable life where I'm not picking pennies off the floor & down to the bare bones of me arse would be LOVELY. 

I also need to work on my self-restraint and cavalier, 'YOLO' attitude towards impulse purchases I (and noone else in the universe reallllyyyyy needs.) But not too much, cos I do wanna have fun and tha... something which 2020 has truly shat on for me.

Don't get me wrong, some great stuff has happened this year - and I don't regret a single minute of it. 

My mate Mike got mugged by a seagull that whacked him in the face with its wing. 10/10.

I had some REALLY nice chips & cheese at a Hooter's in Nottingham. I stroked some excellent dogs, went to one of my best friend's weddings and met some pretty sickkkkkk people along the way. 

Despite lockdown cancelling life from March onwards, I've made some great memories, shotted a lot of sambuca, laughed till I've cried (often most of the time at my own jokes) and made some life changes that've been quite alright. 

I've worn a mask and hand sanitised TFFFFF at all opportunities. Ranted about my hatred for that straw-headed f*ck Boris and lolled at the ridiculous of my life (and Boris' 'Rules') with many a random taxi driver. One of my favourite rules being the very early graphics recommending that people 'avoid having sex with animals if possible.' 

OH AND THE MEMES. 2020 has delivered with them.

I've binge watched a lot of TV shows, got properly invested in Eastenders, fallen in love with Buzzfeed Unsolved and worked with a wide variety of clients; travelling about to see different people throughout the year. Trolled Mike with seagull merchandise at every opportunity. And I've been planning new content, ideas and adventures for the New Year (most work-related, some more rogue) that I'm excited to get my teeth stuck into.

I still have an uncertain, impending sense of dread & worry in the pit of my (oversized, lockdown) belly... but I think that's just 2020 summed up; isn't it. 

Imma really try and enter the New Year positive, motivated and all manifesty of the goals & things I want... and I hope you huns will stick around & echo the same sentiments with me.

TRA for now xo

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