What Are The Negative Impacts Of Alcohol?*

by Nikki LLL Blog, January 05, 2022
Most things aren’t black or white. They’re shades of colour. Take alcohol, for example. Most people know that this is something that can both give and take. But not everyone is aware of how this happens. They might sense that they have a good time when they’re drinking alcohol with friends and that they’re not having a good time the next day when they’re nursing a hangover.

In this post, we’re going to unpack the negative sides a little more, looking beyond the hangover element. Just what will regular alcohol consumption do to you?

What are the negative impacts of alcohol?

It Slows Down Your Mind

If you’re regularly consuming alcohol, then it’s entirely possible that you’re not reaching your full mental potential. After a week of stopping alcohol, you’ll find that your brain is much, much sharper than it was when you were consuming alcohol. Drinks can create brain fog, which makes it hard to focus. Give up alcohol, and you’ll have the mental space you need -- and be able to figure out how smart you really are! Also, alcohol affects the mind in another way, too -- it’s depressive. If you haven’t been as happy as you’d like to be in recent times, then it might be because of your alcohol consumption.

And Your Body

Alcohol also affects your body. This is most apparent in the days following a heavy drinking session, but it’s probably also affecting you at other times too. You’ll find it difficult to reach your physical peak if you’re regularly drinking alcohol. This is for two reasons: for one, alcoholic drinks tend to have a lot of calories. For two, you’ll be much less likely to hit the gym when you’ve been drinking, which means you’re not giving your body what it needs to be at its best.

It May Well Get You In Trouble

Most people don’t get anywhere close to getting in trouble when they’re sober. But when they’re drinking? Then things change. Many people have woken up and had to search for “a criminal defense attorney near me” following a night on the town. This could be because they were drunk driving or because they got into a fight. People are much more likely to make mistakes when they’ve got alcohol in their system. Sometimes, it’s only when they have a brush with the law that they open their eyes to the dangers of drinking and decide to stop.

It Can Make Life One Dimensional

Humans are creatures of habit. If you’ve made a habit of going to a bar and having drinks, then you might eventually find that that’s all that you’re doing. And that can be problematic, even if you have your alcohol consumption under control (or there are no other negative effects). Why? Because it can make life a little one dimensional. It’s a big old world out there, with plenty of fun to be had. But if you’re spending all your time in a bar, then you won’t have the time -- or the money -- to do them.

Did you know of any of these negative impacts? Remember to drink responsibly and always seek help if you feel you need it.
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