3 Alternative Beauty Treatments To Try In Time For Summer*

by Nikki LLL Blog, February 22, 2022
Summer preparations have begun! It might be months till the summertime is upon us, but many like to prepare in advance to ensure they are summer-ready. One of the ways is investing in beauty treatments.

For some, beauty treatments are a form of relaxation - something they do alongside other relaxation techniques. Others find beauty treatments to be a treat. A treat that they reward themselves after a week of work or a successful month.

3 Alternative Beauty Treatments To Try In Time For Summer*

Whatever your reason for choosing a beauty treatment, it can likely help you feel your best. Whilst there are traditional beauty treatments, a few alternative ones could be worth sampling. Here are a few treatments to consider trying.

Try Ear Wax Removal

Many of us are guilty of using cotton swabs as a tool to clean our ears. The issue is that they do the opposite of what people use them for. Instead of helping to clean out the inner crevices of our ears, cotton swabs can push ear wax further into our ears and irritate within the eardrum. In some instances, cotton swabs can cause a rupture of the eardrum.

If you want to have the wax removed from your ears, consider visiting an ear wax removal specialist. Practices, such as Ear Care Specialist, use a microsuction technique to remove ear wax effectively. The ear wax removal process they perform can help give your ears a proper clean while keeping them protected. When using small objects to clean your ears, there is a risk of them scratching your eardrums. Your chosen ear wax removal specialist will provide you with detailed advice on adequately cleaning your ears at home.

Consider Dermaplaning

The result of ear wax removal can be satisfying for some. Another procedure with satisfying results is dermaplaning. It is a relatively new procedure that has amassed a following. One of the reasons behind its newfound following is the result it delivers.

Dermaplaning is a beauty treatment that helps to remove dead skin cells from the face. The procedure helps to exfoliate the skin to remove any dirt build-up. The unique advantage to dermaplaning is that it also removes “peach fuzz” (facial hair) in the process. When the treatment is completed, the result is a smooth surface and a face that appears more radiant.

Invest In A HydraFacial

A treatment that is taking the beauty world by storm is HydraFacial. It has become a staple for many celebrities, with many referring to it as a holy grail treatment. The multi-step treatment aims to tighten, brighten and smooth your skin once completed. The instant results have helped increase the number of people choosing to invest.

There are various techniques involved in the process. When these are all combined, they can help hydrate and exfoliate the skin, which helps to improve the skins appearance post-treatment. With multiple treatments over time, you will likely notice a difference in your skin’s appearance. It could be an improvement of your skin’s texture or that your pores have been reduced. As mentioned, even a one-time treatment can have a noticeable difference on your skin.

Trialling one or a combination of these treatments could help make a noticeable difference in how you look and feel. It could help you feel your best when the warm summer weather comes around!
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