It's getting to that time of year again. Where it's nearly New Year and we all pretty much want to reinvent ourselves, falling victim to the annual 'New Year, New Me' facey b status update. But instead of focussing on all the things we want our new 2015 selves to be, just take a second to realise how amazing 2014 you was, too.

You made it through the year. You might have suffered ill health, you might have had a terrible year and you might have suffered bad news. 

I've had all of the above this year. 

But you made it. And that's credit to yourself - no matter what shit life threw at you, you deployed a metaphorical poo bag and cleaned up as best you could.

There is no greater gift than the gift of life. I don't want to sound like a massive hippy or like I've just done acid here, but really. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate you. And fight for you. Because if you don't, noone else will.

I've spent most of my 2014 miserable, stressed and focussing on stupid things in the grand scheme of life. It's been a shocker. Then I broke my hip and lost my independence and haven't been able to go home to my home or my normal life, where I live and support myself alone.

For the first time in nearly 3 months, I managed to visit my home today. I just lay back on my bed and enjoyed the silence and the atmosphere of my serene little gaff.

Pre-accident, I was that miserable I took all of that for granted. And the one thing that really made me think today, how much I missed my old life that I complained about so much at the time, was a little coaster and a watermelon candle on the unit at the side of my bed. I never appreciated these little details I'd bought myself before. But what I'd give to light a candle, get in my bed with the heater on, place my brew down on my coaster and watch TV on my laptop.

Always appreciate what you have. And be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how day-to-day they seem at the time.

Maybe you broke your 2014 resolutions, maybe you didn't. Maybe you messed up, maybe you didn't. Maybe you didn't get the job of your dreams, but your menial one paid all the bills on time and kept you in a home you love. Maybe you didn't find the man of your dreams, but the bad experiences made you know yourself better for when you do. Maybe you suffered bad health, but it taught you the value of life. Maybe you had bad news, but it put into perspective the stupid stuff you used to worry about.

You're you, you're now and you're mint. So instead of focussing on what you could do better, focus on what you did and what you have.


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