So yesterday, I was thinking about my life and my blog and wondering if my blog truly reflects my personality.  

I mean, it does in that I waffle on (and on) and openly discuss how much of a cheapskate I am, but there's other areas of my life I'm unsure whether I should write about. 

For example, things like the fact that whilst I was in Uni, I was late for class three times as I'd stood in dog poo and had to go home and change my shoes... and that the same thing happened to all my housemates a number of times too; so we'd have to text each other warnings in a morning... and sometimes I'd return home to a line of shoes outside the door which were contaminated. I mean, that's a random example, but you get my drift.

So I posed the question to my amazing Twitter followers: "is there such a thing as 'too much information' when it comes to a lifestyle / social blog?"

The general consensus was NO. We're a nosey lot and the more TMI, the better! The lovely ladies behind these FAB blogs: PaisleyMaySays, DustyPearle, EssaysandWine and RoBoweCop were all very much of the opinion that as long as a blog is true to you (and provided the content posted isn't like pyarrrrr inappropriate) then in fact, the more juicy personal info, the better! 

And I LOVE this. 

As a fairly new blogger, I sometimes worry that the stuff I think I might include in a post might be a litttttle too much, so it was great to hear that a little TMI might actually be really enjoyable to others, as well as a great way of getting things off your chest and truly expressing yourself in your blog. So many times I've gone off on mad tangents and had to repeatedly hammer the backspace button to save my dignity (well, what's left of it!)

So myself and Emma of EssaysandWine (check her Twitter out here) got chatting about this and we (through our utter genius-ness and my love of food) came up with the idea of #TMIFridays (Like TGI Fridays, home of the FITTEST burgers in the world; get it? So punny haha!) 

#TMIFridays would basically work in the way that every week, bloggers can get involved with the #TMI tag and share a little personal information  about themselves which they perhaps would feel judged for if they did so normally; a real chance to be ourselves.

I know that I personally would LOVE to read a little bit of goss about other bloggers' lives and I think that #TMI-ing will also allow bloggers to meet new friends and get to know others better. Cos our quirks, imperfections and the random facts about our lives are what makes us each unique and beautiful <3 Rihanna of RoBoweCop (check her out on Twitter) also declared her love for this idea.. and with this #TMIFridays was born!!

So, this upcoming Friday I dare you to write a post that's a little more about YOU than you normally would. Use the tag #TMIFridays so we can have a good old stalk / read and connect across Twitter

We were thinking of maybe having a different topic of #TMI every week / every other week to perhaps read people's different experiences / opinions on the same thing... or for bloggers to simply have the freedom to use the #TMIFridays tag to write about whatever it is that they want. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear some more opinions and make this crazy thang happen!! 

Leave your comments in the box below or tweet me @love_lippy... let's break the taboo of an overshare and make our connections stronger <3

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