You may detect a slight theme running through my posts, one which points me out as being a bit of a cheapskate. A skinflint, a tramps' arse or a tightwad.

And you'd be entirely correct, I am. AND PROUD. 

I do firmly believe that you don't have to spend a fortune to look great. Well, I don't want to sound pyarrr vain. I personally still look well... mediocre. But the beauty on a budget stuff still stands. You can achieve the same results (if not better sometimes) with cheaper products and not break the bank. Although I think I might (Kimmy K style) have #BrokenTheBank with my giant frigger of an overdraft. Apologies NatWest.

Anyway. As this blog progresses and I get going a bit, I'll divulge my beauty on a budget routines, tips and best buys. For now, enjoy the chains of emojis and mad tangents about poverty.

AND ON THAT NOTE... here's a round up of this week's news.

1. I was discharged from the dressing clinic at hospital this week. FINALLY my operation wound (the word wound makes me cringe so much) has healed and although I'm likely to be a member of scar city / like Scar from The Lion King now, at least this will be a good test for the massive bottle of Bio Oil I liberated from my younger, richer sister. Probably a little soon to start putting it on yet, but I will defo be blogging the results; Bio Oil - yay or nay? Does it work for you? Will it work for Scar? I have doubts on whether it actually works if truth be told, so this will be a true test.

To be continued...

2. I've been having some maje issues with my hair getting knotted as sin recently. In fact, I think knotty is too kind. MATTED sums it up. I know it's because it's got a bit long now, I haven't really been giving it that much TLC of late and the pineapple do that I know, love and endorse heavily (everyone should get their pineapple head on) doesn't half scalp me. So when I was cruising round PoundLand (rock and or roll) i saw this little tangle tamer (a clue to the pricetag is in the name) and thought hey - why not.

Did it work? Did it work miracles? NO. Would I recommend this to anyone, including horses who need their manes and coats brushing? NO. Would I use it again? Yes, because I'm too poor to have a choice.

The moral of the story folks is that when buying a tangle tamer, the £1 option isn't always the best pathway to take. Neither is the £15 route either like, but my mate Hannah got one for about £3 and it was a super mega babe. So pick one that has thicker and stronger looking bristles than this and one which carries a little weight and all will be well.

Making the mistakes here, so you don't have to. 

Taking one for the team.

3. Look at these babies. I've never had an Essie nail polish before, and I got these for like £2 or £3 each off eBay with free postage so I could lose my Essie v-plates.

Lace Me Up is a dark pink-maroon colour with subtle metallic tones through it and Hide and Go Chic is a fabulous rich blue colour.

I'm diggin' dark nails at the mo and I saw some amazing Essie electric blue nails on Twitter the other day which became the inspo for this purchase in the first place, so I indeed Hid and went Chic.

The end result is that I LOVE it. The small brush gives total control of the nail polish, the consistency of the polish is lovely and fluid so it just glides on and I have never had shine like this without sticking on a layer of clear, glossy top coat before. Officially a convert. These photos are of two coats of Essie, so we'll see how it lasts. I do have a nasty tendancy to chisel off my polish, leaving patches of (usually red) lacquer behind me like tiny tiny confetti.
But I'll try and refrain.

4. I love this stuff. If you haven't tried it before, this is St Moriz. It's like knock- off St Tropez and I swear by it. It comes in a foam or a cream and in light, medium and dark. You can pick it up in Tesco, Home Bargains and recently - in Boots too. I always ALWAYS go for the foam and because naturally I'm quite dark anyway I stick with medium when i take a holiday to St Moriz.

Applied with plazzy gloves, this tan applies like a DREAM for me. No more orange elbows or knees; the foam is dark so you can see exactly where it is and exactly where you've missed. The foam applies easily and yeah it has a slight aroma to it, a bit biscuitty, but it's nothing compared to how fake tans used to whiff back in the day. 15 year old me must have STUNK.

When applied, St Moriz gives you an instant tan with the 'stain'. Leave it on for as long as possible e.g. overnight for it to develop and wash as normal the following day. Job's a good 'un. Even if it looks a bit dark or mad, when you wash it all comes off and leaves a fab base. I'm an honorary scouse bird these days, so my tan has to look fierce. Wouldn't recommend anything but the best with quite so much passion as I have for St Moriz. The best holiday I've been on in TIME.

What've you bought this week? Had any news you want to share? Post your comments below.
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