For any of you who read my erratic Twitter feed [@love_lippy], you'll be well aware I'm obsessed with the oxblood shade that's all over the high street this season [and if you're struggling to picture what colour an ox's blood is exactly... well, it's like a maroon-y burgundy colour.]

Though I am currently out of service [like a broken down lift] as I can't walk at the moment and spend my life in wheelchairs or on crutches in trés sensible clothing [for a) safety and b) practicality, as I have to get my bum out pretty much for every medic that sees me, due to the location of my injury] it doesn't stop me from injecting a little colour into my life - here's how I've been getting this seasons' hottest colour into my wardrobe of vest tops and grey sweatpants of late.

Meet my best mates. 

I've ranted on about my love for Revlon's 'Vixen' nail enamel via Twitter before, but in more of a specific manner; it's £6.49 from Boots AND Boots have got one of their amazing 3 for 2 offers on at the moment. It's the perfect shade for Autumn - I have to be honest, with that price tag I normally wouldn't have gone for it [I'm more of your Poundland kinda girl, price wise - this is beauty on an EXTREME budget, guys!] but it's worth every penny in how well it applies and how long it lasts. You can see in the photo how much I've hammered through it.

Sally and Vixen - my two babes

My other secret weapon comes from Sally Hansen, in her 'Cleared for Take-Off' clear polish. This again was a dearer commodity for Mrs TightArse herself [me] but well worth it at £6.99 from Boots too. It's fab as a base coat to stop your colour from staining as it dries so quick, the brush is lovely and wide so makes for easy application and no matter what fresh hell is occurring on your nails, you can stick a coat of this over the top and it rights all wrongs. Plus, it keeps your colour on for time - like a home-done Shellac.

If, like I used to, you look at some girls' nails and wonder how they manage to paint between the lines so well or achieve such a manicure-esque shape from home, I find the above picture dead useful. I downloaded this image to teach my boyfriend how to paint my nails in a presentable manner when I was all decrepit in hospital and couldn't do too much for myself. And if it can teach a boy who thinks a skirt is a dress: it can teach anyone.

To keep my colour locked in strong and make my nails look that little less trampy, I work to the above rules. A good coat of Sally first to avoid leaving my nails looking like I've been picking beetroot all day when I take the colour off in the future. Then following the above steps to get the shaping. And then another firm coat of 'Cleared for Take-Off' over the top, for ultra glossy, gel-like shine. Plus, If I smudge it while I'm asleep, a coat of this smooths the scuffed polish right back out again.

What nail polish couldn't you live without? What's your favourite shade this season? 

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