A regular theme you will soon see to this blog is that 1) I'm pretty much constantly knocking on poverty's door and 2) I am a bit of a sleep deviant. Sleeping me is a genuine menace; turning off alarms without conscious me clicking onto it and getting conscious me into a few scrapes / forcing her to attend the workplace looking like some kind of smackhead. 

Anyway, less of the referring to myself in third person and more to the point. 
I want quick, cheap beauty fixes. And by jove, I've found one.

This little miracle in a tube is Rimmel's Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, in 200 Soft Beige
1. It is genuinely like a lovely, fluffy mousse. Think Angel Delight for the face.
2. It provides amazing, long lasting colour and it applies like a dream. It's not greasy or clumpy and it doesn't put pure mad streaks up by your sideys.
3. Its formula means that its thick enough to even out skin tone and cover up blemishes. Like a lovely facepaint. And my face needs all the coverage it can get at the minute.
4. If you're in a rush, this foundation is the one. I normally apply BB cream, foundation, concealer, liquid concealer and about 234 layers of pressed powder to keep shine at bay [literally though, my fod shines like a beacon.] That's why it's so remarkable that this budget foundation can keep my shine at bay all day. Stay Matte indeed. It saves me many precious minutes in a morning and looks fresh all day.
5. The price. It's £5.99 and I got this tube from Boots, but most supermarkets and pharmacies stock Rimmel so it's easy to pick up.

Have you tried this little beauty yet? If not - pick up a tube today; you won't be disappointed

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