So I've been a busy little bee the past few days [well as busy as humanely possible for me at the moment] so just wanted to stop by and show you guys a little of what I've been up to. I heart a good list - so here's one for your enjoyment too.
- I took the absolute plunge and booked in for / had my first smear test [and I've defo taken the plunge by leaping head first in with this... do bear with, the rest of my round-ups won't all be so vagina related!!] Not going to go into this too much here.. this is definitely one for a #TMIFriday post ... but if this year has taught me anything, it's to take responsibility for your own health and if something scares you - don't just put it off; you can face it. It's honestly not as bad as you might expect and it could save your life.

- As my pants went down for my smear, TWO of my credit card limits went up ... TopShop's profits have just about tripled this week off my expenditure alone.... 
- ... and so did my Christmas tree. Look how pink it is... Ahh warms the ol' heart. Along with the necklace above, courtesy of TopShop.

- I wrapped like a true patron of Christmas and got my prezzies looking tres festive in their PoundLand paper [I'm never not going to be a cheapskate, even at Christmas. Soz.]
- I dyed the old wig; after being inspired by the beauty that is Cara Delavigne I went a few shades darker for winter. Bleach is on standby ready for the first glimmer of summer sun.
- I sent off my compensation claim forms with about 3427347234 bits of documentation in with it ... hoping on all my luckiest stars that they think I have a case .. even a tenner would be sound what with how poor I am and how badly what happened to me affected my life.
- You might have seen on the old Twitter that I have been obsessing over my AMAZING Rimmel Glitterbomb Top Coat Nail Polish I picked up this week; on offer at Superdrug. I've put on about 23 coats of it and I don't want to stop. It's like a clown has vommed sparkles and glitter all over my nails [in the nicest possible way] and they catch the light like a big old disco ball. I can't get enough of a bitta sparkle - especially at Chrimbo. I went for 021 Bedazzle in the end, but the other Glitterbomb shades are beaut - especially the red and green glittery little number; genuine Christmas spirit bottled.

- I've also been pure perving off Louise from MIC's orangey-red colour of lippy on the show- as well as the one our gorgeous Cara was seen sporting recently. What with my new shade of hair I wanted to give this a go. Some of you lovely tweeps recommended Gosh and Sleek for similar shades in Superdrug after I threw a pondering tweet out - but the ones I had my eye on had sold out - so after spending AGESSSSS trawling the aisles and drawing on my hands with every possible tester lippy, I decided on....

Once again, Rimmel have outdone themselves, with this perfect shade [In love with ginger, shade 660]; for the festive season and LIFE. It's not dead red and it's not dead orange either - it's subtle, it's flattering and I HEART it. Planning on wearing it tomorrow for my work's Christmas meal ... so I might post a few cheeky pics of this little beaut in action. 

Talking of little beauts, I also picked up this shimmery, glowy, pearly AMAZING little palette for the equally amazing price of £2.50 [!!] from MUA at Superdrug while I was there. The colours apply and blend a dream - and they seem to last for a while [although tomorrow night will be the test of time!!]

Have you picked up any festive bargains? What've you achieved this week? As ever, I'd love to know  - and not just cos I'm, nosey :} 
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