I'm not dead...

by Nikki LLL Blog, February 20, 2015

PS I hope you guys like the new blog layout  - all in conjunction with the amazing things to come this year :} 

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support and as you can probably tell with the amount of stuff I've been working on since declaring I am taking a short break... I won't be gone for long! I'll be using this time to work on new content, new opportunities and tweet like a boss; as well as you know, recover! Health always comes first guys, something I wish I'd have thought about a little more when I was a young whippersnapper [as if whippersnapper is a legit word that spellcheck doesn't have a moan about!] 

Keep checking back, keep following and keep being you; because if noone's told you this today - you're amazing :}

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