... things that annoy me, about me

1. When I'm trying to be quiet or go into 'stealth mode' - I actually make things worse. I remember once myself and a friend trying to subtly escape from the end of an afterparty we didn't want to be at in a posh flat. As we crept sooooo silently towards the door... my bag knocked a vase over and it fell and smashed at an epically loud volume. Rumbled.

2. No matter how many alarms I set, I can't wake up in the morning.

3. My cleaning / need for order OCD is driving me a bit mental atm. I have become that party pooper - that one prize knobhead - who insists that if someone's going to have a drink in my home, that they'd better bloody well make use of the intense coaster regiment I have going on. Do they not realise the peril of coffee rings on a glass surface?!

4. I think - and think - and overthink - situations so much that something as simple as a friend not texting back within a five minute window means they obvs must either be dead or hate my guts.

5. I am a maje night owl. I will happily stay up till 3am to get jobs done. Or can be found burning the midnight oil, writing until the early hours. I'm definitely at my prime post 7pm. This is a shitter, however, when I have to hold down a full-time job which requires me to get up early and be sociable with people before my 11am watershed.

These quirks that make up my personality do rile me sometimes. They're not always the most practical of features to bring to the table or the things I like best about myself...

Life is all about acceptance... being proud of who you are - your quirks, that funny toenail, your morning breath 'n all - these little things make you, you. And that's a bloody great thing to be.

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