So for my return to the #TMIFridays tag, I thought I'd share a round up of all things Love.Laughs.Lipstick this week. Just in case you wondered what my life comprises of these days. Or just want to be nosey. I'll put my hand up and admit that I LOVE reading bloggers' lifestyle posts. And I also love to overshare. So the #TMIFridays concept is perfect. If you want to know more about it - or about joining in [honest, I'd love it so much if you did] check out this post from the archives.

Moving on - please firmly bear in mind that I don't actually have a life and that fun for me these days is bleaching the bathroom tiles; so don't expect sex, drugs and rock & roll. The only one of those components you can slightly argue has been part of my life recently is drugs: prescription.

- Cussons Carex Complete Strawberry Laces hand soap, on offer at Asda for just 89p at the moment. It. Smells. AMAZING. SO sweet and fruity. Can't wait to try out some of the other fragrances from this range. Provided it stays on offer for the foreseeable future - hashtag poverty probs.

- A good brew. As a coffee lover, I've been seri-iii enjoying a good cuppa PG Tips this week, which is unusual.

- Flowers. I've got a small and budget bouquet of lillies and they've come out to bloom beautifully this week. [Hang on. Let me just check that I'm not actually Alan Titchmarsh.]

- An ex boyfriend of mine once said to me 'You eat like a child.' 

Why thank you, you condescending bar steward

But anyway. This was a few years back and I've made an active effort this week, what with my daily health battles at the moment, to try and better feed my body with nutrients. Alongside a lot of chocolate brownies. But still. Moderation. I've totally cut out fizzy drinks - which is somewhat of an achievement, given that I used to drink a can of coke everyday without fail. I even got a Tropicana from Maccy Ds the other day rather than a coke... I know right. I can barely believe it myself.

- Lying in the bath for about two hours while the bubbles lap over the sides and soak the floor. Future me is going to be totes mad at present me when the waterbill comes in.

- Swearing. I am, admittedly, a bit of a potty mouth Pete. Sometimes, when life gets you down or something goes tits up though; it's flipping great to drop an f-bomb or two.  A spoon snapped in half the other day when i was removing a teabag from a brew [standard] and the force of it meant that scolding hot tea shot out all over my hands and my OCD-standard-of-clean surfaces.  It bloody well hurt. Physically and mentally; seeing all that tea swirling around my freshly wiped kitchen. Thinking about the event later on, when I looked back at what I yelled - at a SPOON - in anger, it was really quite hilar. So let's overshare.

In my burnt, raging frame of mind I yelled at the spoon that it was a 'Cheap Ass Mother F***er.'
There's not much I can say after that.

- Zoella. OMGGGG. I'm well too old for her typical demographic; but I watched some of her vlogs this week and I'm just about obsessed. Nala is literally my dream dog [I heart pugs], I'd LOVE to live her lifestyle and her positivity and the genuine happiness she radiates through her way of talking gave me some maje inspo. Hats off to her; she deserves her success. And that Alfie kid she knocks around with is a bit of alright too.

- YouTube mixes. Once, I thought of myself as somewhat of a musical connoisseur; bringing new music to the table and going to the gigs of up-and-coming indie stars. Now I search for things like 'the Top 40 of 2003 mix' and go with the flow. But I'm loving it. Along with Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and One Direction at present. Soz not soz.

- BADLY BEHAVED EGGS. I'll tell you something; I HEART a good old boiled egg, but there's nothing worse than them being little buggers when you're trying to de-shell them. When more than just shell comes off and before you know it, raging chunks of egg are peeling off left, right and centre too.  So you end up with some madly misshapen, mental looking egg. OR when tiny fragments of eggshell jab you in the finger as you're at work. Both these things get right on my tits.

- My alarm. It having to exist and it going off. I've been having some mint dreams this week - pure lotto wins and everything - only to be woken up by that killjoy ringtone. Eurgh.

- Blokes being raging perverts. And all round turds. Can you trust any of them? Doubtful. Bahh *shakes a feminist fist*

- Being so skint. When you are OVER your overdraft, you know something's gotta give.

Bleach. Cleaning wipes. Bin liners. This week hasn't been a week of impulsive, glamorous #bblogger purchases; it's been a poverty shop to feed my obsessive compulsive cleaning habits. Who needs to stay within their credit limits, when you can be bleaching the grouting in your bathroom tiles? 

[this paragraph was written with copious sprinklings of sarcasm, some sadness and the best of intentions that soon I will have become less of a penniless tramp and will be able to 'haul' and showcase new looks / beauty inspo as well as the next person.]

- To keep eating clean[er].

- To stay positive and hope that when negative thoughts creep into my mind, I can continue to shoo them away with a firm hand.

- To make a bit of a blogging schedule and sit down with my thoughts of where the LLL story will go next. I was planning on taking a bit of a break to sort my health and life out... but instead, putting the blog to one side like a forbidden fruit has meant I can't stay away. I just can't resist temptation, obvs. [Which must be why I've put on two stone of body weight in the past six months. Oopsy...]

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