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by Nikki LLL Blog, February 24, 2015

In my prime, I used to have about 70-100 nail polishes. I've just been going through them today, throwing away the ones that don't pass the 'gloop' test - or the ones which have that unnamed, weird liquid that just appears in them one day [what the eff is that?!] 

I've picked up 10 different colours that I'd totes forgot I even owned and I'm well excited to have a little experiment and feel like a genuine girl again. It's been so long since I've made effort for life. 

Cutting to the chase of the musings behind this post though... what changed in my life whereby past me used to have time to paint her nails a different colour for work every night, to now - where present me is dozing off by about 8:30pm? 

How did I manage to fit that past time in?! 

Is this what being a true adult feels like? Where you'd rather be bleaching the bathroom tiles then lashing on copious layers of Barry M glitter? 

Or did blokes ruin this for me? [Probably blokes. Can blame them for most of life's blips.] 

But what. And wow. Mind = blown. Feeling the need for Bernard's watch now, more than ever!

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