In [one of my] previous ode to Makeup Revolution posts [the one in question is found here] I did threaten that I was going to buy about a zillion #Liphug products; after how chuffed I was with the #Liphug lippy I received as part of Makeup Revolution's insanely generous first birthday free gift promo. 

I am usually all talk, no action when it comes to threats like this [espesh when it comes to parting with hard-earned cash] but after being seriously tempted by the 100 Awesome Eyeshadows palette for £8 offer [yeah, not even messing] I caved and added a few more #Liphug products to my basket.

And there they are, in all their finery. They apply like a dream; instantly adding colour to your lips with their lovely, creamy formula. From L-R [below] we have 'Want To Leave?' 'I Think You're Amazing' and 'Insatiable.'

'Want To Leave?' is a lovely fuchsia-esque pink, 'I Think You're Amazing' is this AMAZING nude which I've found really actually does suit my colourings and doesn't make me look like a corpse / a drag queen when combined with a smokey eye and 'Insatiable' is a slightly deeper, vampier fuchsia colour; ideal for date night, nights out or a meal with the girls. 

L-R, swatches of 'Want To Leave?' 'I Think You're Amazing' and 'Insatiable.'

I am a massive fan of these new #Liphug products - at just £2.50 each they are AMAZING value and truly live up to my 'Beauty on a Budget' philosophy. 

What do you think? Have you tried the #Liphug range yet? Do you have any budget lippys to recommend?

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