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by Nikki LLL Blog, April 08, 2015
Thank you to the gorgeous Lexie; the face behind one of my favourite blogs 'Those Words She Wrote' [get onto her, you'll never look back] who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. When I very first started blogging, I did get involved with the old Liebster Award - you can read that here if you fancy - but I have massive chufties over this little nomination off such an all round babe - so thanks! :} 
So. The rules. Always a stickler for the rules, me. The  One Lovely Blog Award is given to bloggers, from bloggers; in recognition of their lovely blogs and all their hard work. It's a little way to discover new blogs, meet new friends and altogether just a nice way of showing someone that their hard work blogging - the planning, the writing, the photography - is appreciated and not just devoured by the world wide web; never to be seen again.

The challenge is to divulge seven facts about yourself and then nominate ten of your favourite bloggers for the award too - passing on the blogging baton of loveliness and glory. So - let's go!

My 7 facts

1. I currently work full time and freelance in all my spare time to keep bankruptcy at bay; which is why I'm a little AWOL on the blogging side of life  sometimes - sorry guys; girls gotta eat! I also do all this on crutches, as after my accident last September I've been unable to walk. So I shuffle like I've pooed myself and make the best of the situation I can [I haven't pooed myself though. Just to clarify. Felt I needed to, as that would be an overshare even for me.]

2. I want a pet pug dog and also a munchkin kitten more than words can express. I mean, I can barely afford to keep myself fed and watered most of the time [though that spider in my bathroom seems to be living a pretty decent life] so it would be a reckless to adopt two tiny furry mouths to feed too. But one day.

3. I love to sleep; my record was in Uni once, waking up at 18:40, making my tea and then going back to bed. Gotta do things properly, being a student and all like.

4. I have raging door locking OCD; I can't leave home until I've shaken on the door handle to make sure it's locked a certain number of times. On a good day, it's about ten shakes. On a bad day, it can rocket up into the twenties. I've heard my neighbours shout 'IT'S FUCKING LOCKED!' in exasperation before; but then they distract me and mess up my pattern and I have to start again hahaha.

5. I'm not confident on this one, but I think there's a tarantula that lives under my bath. Either that or a really horrible piece of paper that looks like a massive spider. Either way, I nearly did a sick in my mouth and screwed the bath panel on so tightly that no-one or nothing will ever get under there again. Yes, I am Bob the Builder sometimes.

6. Once, my card was declined for a tin of Smart Price Tuna at Asda. That was an embarrassing day. 

7. I have recently become thoroughly obsessed with Geordie Shore. I don't know why - and I'm not proud of it; I used to class myself as 'too cool' for these reality TV shows. But I can't stop. I've only made it to season 2 as well; everyone's had like new faces in these new episodes - I can't cope.

Soz that those facts were so boring - I am interesting when I can walk, honest.

My Nominees

A lot of the blogs I read regularly have no doubt already been awarded the Lovely Blog Award [I think I've even read some of your posts during my endless creeping] but it's always nice to be recognised, hey? So apologies if this is spam, but 10 blogs I've been crushing on lately are:

Very Berry Cosmo
Hannah Delacour
Miss Mandarin
The Chic Geek
Levi Jade
Bean's Beauty Blog
Blonde Vision
When Tania Talks

So there you go - check out those truly fabulous blogs and if you fancy it / haven't already taken part, I nominate the ten fab bloggers named above for the Lovely Blog Award; thank you for keeping me entertained / inspired / informed with your posts, tweets, vlogs and photos x
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