As a novice / new kid on the block when it comes to the blogging scene; I'll admit, when I first saw a post by another blogger titled 'Empties' I was hella confused. Without actually reading the post associated with that title [and being so clueless at the time] I just didn't get it. At all. 

'Is this just going to be a post of empty things? What is it?'

Oh past me; you were naive. 

After having a little read - and seeing more and more of these kinda posts show their faces through the blogisphere - I got it and the idea really grew on me. I love reading other blogger's 'Empties' now. It's a great little insight into someone else's life; kinda a 'letting do the products do the talking' fandango - cos they were that good you used them all. 

So for the past few weeks, as I've been running out of products I've kept them [like a pet] on one side to show you; before they hit the recycling bin of life.

Without further ado, I present to you my...
First up from this barrage of pre-loved plastic we have my favourite, my Radox Muscle Bath Soak, with clary sage & sea minerals.

I got this for a quid from Asda [and, if you are a right scrounger like me, they also have this in Poundland... guess the price?!] When the bottle is full, it's a lovely blue colour; think the purest of oceans. It's my favourite of all the Radox fragrances; just really clean and relaxing. 

Radox products bubble up like a wild beast when you add water; I've posted on Instagram before the struggles I've had containing the bubbles to the constraints of my bathtub. There's not many bubblebath products these days which can actually achieve such results - and I LOVE making a bubble beard in the bath, even at the tender age of ...well, my late twenties *voms everywhere at how much of a fossil I am* Plus, it claims to be a muscle soak and as I'm a permanent bag of injuries and haven't been able to walk for the past seven months - I need all the muscle care I can get!


Next... this Bodyshop Strawberry Shower Gel

I can't remember how much this was - I had a voucher for the Body Shop recently, but I think it must have been around £4. I bought this mainly because I love a good strawb, totally agree with the natural ethos of The Body Shop, have fond memories of shopping here as an angst-ridden teen and just because it always smells so fit when you walk past the shop. 

This did smell lovely and was a rich red gel in its former glory. 


Bourjois little round blush in '95 Rose de Jaspe'

This is my all time favourite blush product. I am trialling NYX's Baked Blush at the moment - which you can read more about here - but in terms of the smell and how powdery blushers are, very few can come close to this little beauty. If you've ever used a Bourjois blusher, you know the smell I mean.

Gosh, I've just resorted to sniffing the pot ferociously as a way of farewell now haha. It smells like... like baby powder and vanilla and sweetness and icecream and sparkles. 

So anyway, I think this product costs between £6.49 - £7.49, depending on what offers are on. And when I'm not so brassic, I will repurchase. I love my NYX Baked Blush and its packaging, but something always draws me back to these Bourjois blushers and their massive range of colours. They also come with a little mirror in the lid and a shaped blusher brush, making them ideal for handbag touch ups.


TRESemme Expert Selection Colour Thrive Illuminating Blonde Conditioner. The beast size, 750ml

I first got this product on offer in Boots; half price I think it was, so £2.00-something. I've since managed to get it on offer at Asda too though - so keep your eyes peeled. My main beef with conditioner is that 1] I run out of it so quickly and the bottles aren't that big 2] It strips my [box blonde] colour away and 3] It can leave like a film on my hair and make it seem heavy and greasy when it should be sparkling with health. Meet this guy

The bottle is MASSIVE; so it actually lasts me for ages, making it great value for money. It smells lovely; like the TRESemme we know and love. It has kept my hair the same shade of blonde since it was dyed and evens out the different tones within it. It leaves my hair moisturised, nourished and manageable. And if you're not a blondey; this amazing range comes with conditioners for all different purposes and hair colours, so you too can get involved. Already into my next bottle.


Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion with Sea Minerals, for Normal Skin

Obv, the recurring theme here is that I get products on offer cos I'm a tight arse. And this was on offer in Tesco - think it was under £2.00 for this whopper of a bottle [400ml.] This product promises to be ultra fast in being absorbed into the skin - and it is you know. 

You do still feel a little oily afterwards, but my skin does feel delightfully soft after continuously using it for the past few weeks. I pretty much only moisturise with Nivea; I've used the blue pot of classic Nivea on my face for over fifteen years and I'm yet to find a product which makes my skin smile so much.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer 'Instant Tan & Gradual Glow' in light matte

Now, this product isn't an empty as such. I just wanted to pay it its final respects before lobbing it in the bin. I don't know if Rimmel still make this product [they most likely do, its iconic; like a rite of passage] but this shiz was ALL THE RAGE when I was a student. 

The smell of this formula just takes me back to so many nights out; when I'd just got into clubbing and dressing up more. Reminds me of nights stood under my friend's umberella outside a club, just seeing trickles of this stuff pour down my arms. Reminds me of having to run as fast as you could from club to club, but still getting the leopard print raindrops of shame on your skin. Reminds me of staining clothes [and sheets], reminds me of my friend Jenny slathering it on with a tanning mitt in her front room, reminds me of tanning friends' backs before a drinking session, reminds me of Blackpool, reminds me of specific clubs & outfits & people ... I feel a bit reluctant to throw it out, but it's started going green. So I wanted to include it in this post as like a farewell; a tribute to its [slightly debatable] time in my life.

Sanctuary Spa Foaming Creamy Bath Soak

I got this as part of a Christmas present, so I'm hazy on pricing; but just head to Boots and you will find it. I love Sanctuary's packaging and use of font and the smell of this creamy bath soak was gorge and really lux.

However, my beef with this product was that it didn't really 'foam' at all; the bubbles were minimal and had all popped and buggered off within about ten minutes. Not like the experiences had with my trusty Radox. And because it's only a tiny bottle [75ml] I felt like to get the same effect I'd have to pour the whole thing in at once, which felt too reckless.


Now this one is a bit of a cheat. But just take a look while you can.

They are limited edition, seasonally produced [Easter] biscuits of delight and triumph and I suggest more strongly than I can put into words that you get out there this weekend and buy some, before it's too late.


What have you got through over the past few weeks? What were your most used products last month? Have you used any of my March Empties before?

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